Internet Gambling With A VPN

Playing poker online or other casino games is a very popular pastime for many people, but government crackdowns in the United States and many other parts of the world have made Internet gambling illegal. A question we are often asked is, “Will a VPN allow me to gamble online?” The answer is a little complex, but we’ll strive to answer it in this article and show you why using a VPN is good policy when it comes to Internet gambling.

Using a VPN to play poker online

You might think that using a VPN to play poker online in the United States will solve all your problems. Unfortunately, this is not the case for United States residents. Whenever you register at an online poker site, your account is tied to the address you signed up with. In other words, you have to register an address in order to cash out your winnings and if you try to register an address in the United States you will be blocked.

People in the United States aren’t the only ones who play poker, though, and residents of the UK can do so legally. The thing is, when they travel to countries where Internet poker is not allowed they may encounter difficulties accessing the site. Some restrictions may be accomplished via IP address, so a poker player from the UK who is visiting the United States might find it best to use a VPN to change their IP to reflect that they are still in the UK.

Something else you should bear in mind is that playing poker online involves wagering real money. While all legitimate poker sites use encryption to process payments and safeguard your money, it is still a good idea to use a VPN whenever you are sending personal data online. Using a VPN when you play online poker is just an added level of security that will give you more peace of mind and help you to concentrate on winning those big hands!

Using a VPN in online casinos

Gambling at an online casino is subject to the same rules we discussed regarding online poker. If you live in a country where Internet gambling is prohibited, using a VPN alone will not give you access. But, if you live in the UK and want to maintain your casino account while you travel, a VPN can help you bypass any restrictions you encounter that are based on your IP address.

Also, you might want to consider that using a VPN in a country where Internet gambling is legal can still be useful if you find the need to be discreet about your Internet gambling activities. Not everyone is comfortable revealing their online activities for a variety of reasons, and why should anyone know that you like to visit online casinos unless you want them to?

Using a VPN to bet on horses

This is one area where using a VPN to gamble online can definitely benefit US players. In the United States, betting on horseracing is 100 % legal. So, why would you want to use a VPN when playing the ponies?

The main reason is your privacy. Some people cannot run the risk of having their gambling activities exposed. Here’s one great example. Let’s say a jockey wants to bet on a horse he is riding. If he tries to place that bet at the racetrack, which is completely legal, questions might be asked by other bettors who consider this a conflict of interest. Instead, the jockey can use a VPN to connect to his wagering account, make the bet, and no one is any wiser. Maybe someone going through a nasty divorce doesn’t want it revealed that they like to bet on horseracing. can help them secure their access.

Those might sound like nefarious reasons for using a VPN, and we aren’t encouraging anyone to use a VPN in these specific ways. We are only making the point that a VPN preserves your privacy and safeguards your online activities.

To recap, a VPN account will not allow you to register for a gambling site which is blocked in the United States. It will, however, allow individuals from countries where online gambling is legal to use their accounts while traveling.

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