Learn how to setup VPN on Xbox 360

Iphone 4 4s 5 5sHere you will find the setup guide using windows internet connection sharing to share the VPN connection on computer with your xbox 360. The most convenient way would be to use a flashed DD-WRT router and configure the PPTP VPN on the router. You would then connect all your devices to the router that is already connected to VPN. More info on VPN routers.

Steps to create a VPN connection on Xbox 360

  • 1.Find IP the IPv4 address assigned to your computer by your router

    A. Click on the wireless network connection icon next to the clock.
    B. Right click on your wireless connection that is connected and select status.
    C. Write down the IP shown next to IPv4 address. Usually it is 192.168.1.x or 192.168.0.x
  • 2.Share the wireless connection

    A. Open “Network and sharing center” and on the left plane, select "Change adapter settings" Or, wireless connection next to clock and click “open network and sharing center”
    B. Right click on the wireless connection and click on sharing.
    C. Put a check next to “Allow other network and users to connect through this computer's internet connection” and under “Home networking connection drop down list” select Local area network.
  • 3.Setting up the shared connection

    Here you will need IP you looked up in STEP ONE

    A. Right click on “local area connection” and select “properties”
    B. Click on “internet protocol Version 4 TCP/IPv4” and then click “properties”
    C. Click on “use the following IP Address”
    D. Enter an IP address with different X value than what you found but rest the same.

    Example. If step one was 192.168.1.x you replace value x but keep it 192.168.1.newvalue
    Example. If step one was 192.168.0.x you replace value x but keep it 192.168.0.newvalue
    New value is a number different than step 1. Use something like 109 for X

    E. For subnet mask enter
    F. For default gateway enter the IP for step D above.
    G. Press OK, and OK again.
  • 4.Setting up xbox

    A. Now configure your XBOX network settings.
    B. Open SETTINGS and then open "System Settings"
    C. Select "Network Settings" > Select Configure Network > Select manual settings
    D. Select IP Address > Set it different value than STEP THREE D.
    ----- If you used .109 you can use .110 here.
    E. Select Subnet Mask > Set
    F. Select Gateway > Set it same value as STEP THREE D
    G. Under DNS settings. For primary DNS enter IP from STEP THREE D
    H. Click on DONE
  • 5.Port forwarding on router

    This may or may not be needed. To port forward on router, check router manual since each router is different. Forward the following TCP/UDP ports to the IP chosen STEP FOUR D. Ports: 53, 80, 88 & 3074

    Example. Forward port 53 on protocol TCP/UDP to internal port 53 to internal IP from STEP FOUR D.
  • 6.ICS ready, test the xbox without vpn

    A. Connect Xbox and start it. Everything should appear as connected.
  • 7.Configure VPN connection.

    A. Create VPN connection.
    B. Share VPN connection by applying the steps from STEP TWO
    C. You may see a message that wireless connection is already shared. Accept the change since now you want VPN to be shared.
    D. Connect to VPN
    E. Start Xbox and it should route through VPN!