Skype is one of the most commonly used programs and application on android and iphones that allows people to communicate for free. It is also very cheap to use for international calls! For a long time, Skype has been banned in UAE so anyone in a city such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi would have had to buy prepaid international calling cards as it would have been the cheapest option.


In Oman skype download and use is also blocked by Omantel so when visiting Muscat or another city you will find it hard to communicate as you may be used to doing outside Oman. They began to block skype a few years ago.


Belize has been blocking skype for a long time and many are not aware that their is a solution available that will allow you to unblock the program and bypass the restrictions. When bypassing the restrictions it takes place within an encrypted and secure VPN connection that we provide.


!UPDATE! March 27 2013! The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has threatened to block Skype !! BEAKING News!


It has come to our attention that skype will be banned in the KSA UNLESS the companies that operate skype and similar tools (viber, whatsapp etc) allow for the communication to be monitored by a government agency!


As mentioned on the BBC news site, the Saudi Arabia government has given the internet service providers in the kingdom one week to come up with the tool to monitor skype, viber and whats app or they will be shut down on the 3rd of April 2013. Skype as you may or may not be aware encrypts the calls and as a result communication is very secure. It would be safe to assume that the internet service provider WILL NOT be able to monitor the calls/conversations and SKYPE will definitely not provide a back door access. Bases on that assumption alone it would be a safe bet to assume that they will indeed block the programs on their networks.


Countries such as Belize, Oman and United Arab Emirates already block skype through the UAE TRA and therefor KSA could use the same system to stop users from using the programs.


This is problematic for many. Their are many Saudi students studying abroad who use skype to keep in touch with family and friends at home, it is cheap and easy to use. Another group are migrant workers that are in KSA and call their families abroad. You also have business people using skype for conference calls or other business related calls.


It is possible that they will retract and not pursue blocking the programs BUT, if they do we can help you use skype in Saudi Arabia just as we help users in Oman, UAE and Belize! Click here to buy a vpn account!