UAE Internet censorship focuses on two particular areas: criticisms against the governments in the Middle East and pornography. Based on surveys conducted in this Gulf nation, it seems that Internet censorship, particularly of pornographic sites, is acceptable to a vast majority of the population. Probably one of the reasons for this is that the censorship is not really politically motivated and is not meant to prevent people from expressing their sentiments about government policies. Besides, web users here are able to send messages to authorities to argue why a certain site should not be banned or censored.


According to authorities, the main reason for the implementation of UAE Internet censorship is that some sites are not consistent with the cultural, religious, political and, most especially, moral values of the nation. And since Etisilat & Du are the only Internet Service Provider in UAE, it is not really that hard to implement monitoring and censoring of websites. However, what is not clear is how the government (or Etisilat for that matter) determines what is considered to be violations of values in UAE.


It is without a doubt that Dubai is fast becoming one of the economic powerhouses in the world. In fact, this city is often considered as one of the most lenient and open in the Gulf. However, there are still a number of people, particularly expatriates, who are really hoping that Internet censorship in this nation will be more relaxed, if not totally scrapped. UAE Internet censorship authorities use SmartFilter, a popular filtering program, to hinder all sites that offer gambling, pornography, illegal drugs and religious conversion content. Apart from such sites, it seems that access to Israeli-based sites, the Bahai faith, English dating sites and those that support gay and lesbian issues in the Middle East is also prohibited.


However, one of the blocked websites in UAE that can be really useful for many foreigners in the country is Skype. Voice Over Internet protocol (VoIP) is not allowed in all four corners of UAE (United Arab Emirates). Much like in other countries with Internet censorship rules, many people in Dubai are striving to overcome filtering and censoring systems put up by the government (UAE TRA). A work around may be provided by creating a virtual private network. And now is the right time to know how. You get privacy while browsing the Web and using voip. Click here for a VPN account.