How to use skype in Oman, that is something we can help you accomplish. If you are already in Oman (Muscat etc) you are well aware of the internet restrictions and that skype in oman does not work but if you use our services you will be able to use the program normally.


Omantel has been blocking skype and instant messaging services for some time. If you would like to bypass the oman skype block, feel free to contact us or place an order.


The Sultanate of Oman has also blocked people from accessing website and as a result preventing them from accessing SkypeOut. This is done in order to maintain Omantel's monopoly on the telecommunications market in the country. It is also very if not impossible to monitor the skype calls. Other Persian Gulf countries follow similar policies regarding Skype for the same reasons. Such as Iran and UAE Syria. You can go around the world and find that Belize does it too.


Using our service you can bypass omantel and use skype, google talk, msn etc It will allow you to make cheap international calls and save money.


You do not need to download and install a program, just configure your existing vpn client to connect to our servers. Once connected your real IP address will change and internet traffic will be encrypted.