Singaporian IP Address!

A Singapore VPN service is basically an account that would allow you to connect to a server in Singapore. Once connected you will be assigned an IP address from Singapore and all traffic will be encrypted via PPTP or L2TP IPsec encryption. You will still need an internet connection but you will bypass their internet filtering and log keeping (if they keep logs)


We offer connections via servers in different countries because some buyer need an IP address from a specific country for a specific purpose. For example: Some Singaporian websites only allow access to persons residing in Singapore and hence having a SG IP address would grant you access to the web site!! For an average internet user / surfer it does not make much of a difference which VPN package to choose.


If you are travelling and you are from Singapore than you would probably be most interested in an IP address from your home country so that you can access your favorite sites which would otherwise either engaging in geo blocking / filtering or simply blocked from your location.


All connections offer security, Privacy & an Anonymous connection to the web.!


Learn more about virtual private network packages we offer. VPN services or use the link above to refer a friend that you believe may benefit from our serivces.


Peer to Peer (or "P2P") Bit Torrents file sharing programs are not permitted on the servers. The end result is a better, cleaner network