Our VPN servers are located in different countries. We have chosen to provide vpn services via servers in USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Singapore, France & Hong Kong. We will add more server locations based on demand. For example, we have had a request to please provide a server in Belize. We did not since it has little to no value for 99.5% of our users. We got requests from several users for a VPN server in the Netherlands so it was decided to be worth it.


What does the VPN server do? Well, lets use an example to better explain how a vpn works and the role the VPN server plays.


Assume that you want to watch the BBC iplayer from the US, Spain, Mexico or elsewhere. When you access the BBC iplayer your real IP address is logged and you get a message that BBC iplayer is not available in your region/country. This is referred to as a Geo block! A block based on geographical location of the user.


The VPN server will act as a middle link between you (in US, Spain, Mexico or elsewhere) and the BBC iplayer servers. You would connect to a UK VPN server and will get a UK IP address. As a result you will be able to watch your favorite shows by tricking the iplayer geo ip system.


The VPN server has a bigger more important purpose and that is to secure your internet connection. When you connect to the VPN servers, data sent to and from the server is encrypted. As a result, what you do while surfing the web at home, office, hotel, etc is private and your internet service provider can not keep logs on sites you access, searches etc. It is normal for internet service providers in Europe, US, Asia to do this.... it is common around the world. A VPN server will help keep your activity private.


In the process of encrypting the traffic sent / received countries which have internet restrictions such as UAE, Saudi Arabia (KSA), China, Thailand, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, Malaysia, Singapore fail to deny you access to blocked websites. They use software on their proxy servers but since traffic is encrypted, their system fails to identify the sites you are accessing and hence you have internet freedom.


For most users who seek internet anonymity, security & privacy we have what is needed. It also works great for users in Oman, Belize, UAE and elsewhere that want to use Skype but unable to because of restrictions on VoIP.