Watch and Bet Live Sports with a VPN

Did you know that sports betting is a billion dollar industry worldwide? In many parts of the world, sports betting is legal. In others, you will need to rely on a VPN to access your favorite sports betting site. We are going to show you how to watch and bet live sports with a VPN in this short guide.

Sports Betting – A Worldwide Passion

Individuals have been betting on sports ever since the first sporting events were conducted. In the earliest days of sports betting, the wagers were usually made between two individuals. These could have even been the competitors themselves.

In time, the sports betting bookies began to appear. These individuals allowed more people to bet on sporting events by laying or booking contests. The bookie didn’t really care which side of the proposition you took. They could use the odds and manipulate them to always have an edge no matter which side was bet.

With the development of Las Vegas came live sports betting books in the United States. These were included in almost every major Las Vegas casino, and live sports betting is still legal there to this very day.

It was only natural that the next step was to permit legalized online sports betting. Online sportsbooks have been legal in the UK and Europe for some time, and in 2020 began to be legalized in many states of the US. In 2022, almost half of the American states either have legalized online sports betting or have legislation pending.

How You Can Watch and Bet Live Sports With a VPN

What about those people who do not have access to legalized sports betting where they live? Maybe you live in a state that has not yet made wagering on sports legal. A VPN might be a solution for you.

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a basically a secure network that runs within your existing ISP setup. In other words, you connect to your ISP and also connect to the VPN server. When you do this, you are creating an encrypted tunnel which makes it virtually impossible for your ISP to see your browsing activities.

A VPN also has the added benefit of changing your IP address. Why is this important? When you connect to your ISP you are broadcasting an IP address that is used to identify your geographical location. If you try to connect to an online sportsbook that does not allow players from your area, you will be denied and not allowed to access the site.

With a VPN you can choose a VPN server in an area that allows online sportsbook betting. It will then appear that you are accessing the sportsbook from a legalized area, and your betting will be allowed.

At most online sportsbooks you can also see live feeds of sporting events. This could save you hundreds of dollars if you are trying to stream all of the events that you want to watch. A qualifying wager may be required by some online sportsbooks before you are able to watch a live stream.

Choosing a VPN for Online Sports Betting

There are a few different things that you would want to look for when you are choosing a VPN for online sports betting. Reputation is always at the top of the list. It helps to pick a VPN that has good reviews.

A red flag for many VPNs is that they are offered for free. You should always be wary of so-called free VPN services. These VPNs sometimes sell your browsing data to various marketing companies. They may also keep logs that can be used to identify you and link you to visiting certain websites.

A paid VPN is much more reliable than a free service. You will be given access to more server locations throughout the world, and customer service is available if you need help with your VPN connection.

Most devices today are equipped with a VPN client. This means that you will not need to download any software to watch and bet live sports with a VPN. You can use a VPN on a number of different devices which include laptops, desktops, and even mobile devices and gaming consoles.

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Famous Poker Pro Advocates Vpn For Online Gambling

Ever since the infamous Black Friday in the US it has been illegal for most US citizens to play online poker. There are a few exceptions such as Nevada which allows online poker, and some states are thinking about legalizing the game. In the meantime there are US players who use a VPN to access online poker sites overseas. One famous poker player believes that using a VPN to play online poker is perfectly okay, and he recently spoke out about it.

Daniel Negreanu – Kid Poker

Daniel Negreanu is one of the most successful poker players of the modern era. He has made a name for himself playing in the World Series of Poker as well as in high stakes cash games in Las Vegas. Negreanu is originally from Toronto, and states that his own upbringing has affected his views on the legality of online poker.

When Negreanu first started playing poker many years ago he was playing in underground games in Toronto. These games were not technically legal. Negreanu compared playing in those games to using a VPN for online poker. The comments that Negreanu has made about VPNs and online poker have caused quite a stir in the online poker community.

The Online Poker VPN Debate

It seems that there are some online poker players who have a problem with US players playing online if doing so is illegal in their state. What a VPN can do is conceal the location of its user, making them appear to be online in an area where online poker is legal. VPNs allow users to connect to servers all over the world. When this happens the IP address of the user is replaced with the IP address of the VPN server.

So, a person in Texas who wants to play online poker cannot do so because it is illegal. This person uses a VPN to play poker and make it appear that they are in another country. A few online poker players have raised objections to this and have even gone so far as to accuse the players using a VPN of cheating. It should be mentioned that these accusations mainly come when a person loses money to someone they suspect of using a VPN.

Negreanu took to his Twitter account to address the issue of VPN usage in online poker. He stated that he did not regard it as unethical or cheating. Then he went farther by posting a poll for his followers. 76% of those who responded did not see any problem with individuals using a VPN for online poker.

Not all people agreed with Daniel Negreanu and his stance on VPNs and online poker. One of the most outspoken of these was Norman Chad, a man who has provided commentary for the live broadcasts of the World Series of Poker. Chad seemed to take more of an issue with Negreanu’s moral stance than the VPN issue, citing several examples where Negreanu gave other controversial issues a pass.

The Future of Online Poker In the US

There may not be a reason to have this debate much longer. Many states in the US are considering legalization of online poker. Some have already introduced bills to do so. Others are also legalizing sports betting and casino games as well. If the trend continues it will be possible for many US residents to play their favorite poker games online without the need for a VPN.

As of now it is still necessary for many players to use a VPN for online poker play. The way that many of them do this is simple. They begin by purchasing VPN service from a provider such as We have many affordable VPN plans that will work for online poker players.

The next step is to open an account with an overseas online poker site like PokerStars. This is where things can get tricky. The player will be asked to provide an address when they sign up. This address will be used to prove that the player is in an area where online poker is legal. After that, the player must take care to use a VPN server located in the country from which they provided an address.

All that remains is to connect to the VPN, log into the online poker account, and play poker. There are some players who do this for a living from their own home.

Do you live in the US or another area where online gambling is restricted? You might want to consider VPN service. Check out the plans we offer. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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Play Poker or Access Dating Sites with a VPN

If you were to ask a significant number of random people why they use a VPN from, a good number of them would tell you they want to play poker or access dating sites. It may not be the number one reason people purchase VPN service but it is very near the top of the list. Online poker and dating websites are restricted in many places, and a VPN can often restore access to these services.

The popularity of online poker and dating

To give you an idea just how popular online poker and dating websites are, let’s take a look at a few numbers.

According to a recent survey by Reuters published in January of 2014, approximately 52% of the US male population and 47% of the US female population use online dating websites. Dating site users spend an average of $239 per year on these websites, and the total revenue earned by dating websites is a staggering $1.25 billion dollars. Sites like eHarmony and boast a combined 37 million members. As you can see, online dating sites are a big business in the US. The numbers are similar in the UK and other areas which do not restrict online dating sites.

It is hard to get a fix on an actual number of online poker sites because new sites appear almost daily. What we do know is that online poker is a multi-billion dollar industry across the world. The one significant difference between online poker and online dating sites is that most poker sites are restricted in the US. There has been a slow, grassroots effort to legalize online poker in the US. So far, only a handful of states have made poker sites legal stateside.

The important thing to take away from this discussion is that online poker and online dating are extremely popular. Their popularity actually poses a bit of a problem for some users.

The expat dilemma with dating websites

unblock dating sites For expats who find themselves working and living abroad for months or years at a time, being able to access their favorite dating website can become a problem. The Arab Region, including the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia (KSA), Oman, and Bahrain, frown on dating websites as a violation of Muslim morals and customs. China also employs selective restriction of dating sites. If expats finds themselves working in one of these areas, they will not be able to access a dating website account via the state-controlled ISP’s. By extension, the locals also cannot access these sites. Using a VPN for dating website access is the only reasonable solution.

You’re probably asking this question: if a dating website is blocked in a certain locale, what good does it do to unblock it with a VPN? After all, your chances of meeting someone for a date would seem to be rather slim in a society that frowns on these websites. The answer is pretty simple. The number of online daters who actually meet in person is very small compared to the number of people who use the sites. Most users are engaged in cyber dating. They use dating sites to create online relationships. When you understand this you can see that people who live in areas where dating websites are blocked also have a desire to use the sites.

The online poker dilemma in the US and abroad

partypoker with vpn Because online poker is now mostly restricted in the US, a large number of poker players have turned to a VPN for the purposes of playing the games they love. And some of these users are what you would term poker professionals. They earn their living playing poker online.

But, let’s think again for a moment about the traveler or expat who hails from a country where online poker is legal, like Germany or the UK. Whenever they cross the borders of their home country and venture into areas where the game is restricted, a variety of methods including geo-restriction are employed to prevent them from playing poker.

The VPN solution for online dating and online poker

VPN’s have been very successful in allowing many individuals to play poker or access dating websites. VPN’s are successful because they can cloak your actual physical location. When you use the US VPN server, it appears that you are in the US. That means you will be able to log into your eHarmony account while sitting in Dubai. When you use the UK VPN server, it appears that you are in the UK. That means you can log into your PokerStars account if you are traveling in the US.

In a sense, the uses for a VPN are significantly broad when it comes to dating and poker websites. When you add in the factor that VPN’s also offer an added level of security, using them to unblock these sites is a wise choice.

VPN for Poker

poker vpn If you like to play online poker but live in an area where playing for real money and many poker websites are restricted, you can often access these sites with a VPN account from In order to use a VPN for poker, you need to understand a few things about creating/setting up your account and which poker sites offer you the best chance of winning.

The legality of online poker

Online poker is still legal in many parts of the world. Most famously, many Caribbean nations and the United Kingdom allow individuals to play poker on the Internet. Arab nations, however, typically restrict access to poker sites because they violate the mores of Islamic society. You may be surprised to discover that the United States actually leads the world when it comes to banning online poker.

Poker in the US was big business until April 15, 2011—a date known to online poker players as Black Friday. On that date, the FBI opened sealed indictments against three of the largest online poker sites—PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Absolute Poker—and shut them down immediately. Player accounts were frozen and the sites’ bank accounts were seized. Many famous US players were affected by the ban.

Today, the major online poker sites are still prohibited from allowing US players to play for real money, although some states have started the process of making online poker legal. In most cases, a few large casino companies are being granted licenses to operate Internet casinos in their own states. For example, the WSOP (World Series of Poker) owned by Caesars Entertainment was recently allowed to offer online poker, but only to residents of Nevada where land-based poker has been legal for decades.

You might think that famous Internet US poker players were put out of business by the US ban, but you would be wrong. For some reason, these guys keep appearing on PokerStars and other sites banned in the US. How is that possible? Did these players just leave the US and take up residence in other countries? While we can’t speak for all of them, we do know that many players use a VPN for online poker in order to avoid geographical identification and restriction.

VPN’s and Internet Poker

Let’s be clear: playing online poker with a VPN can be done. Numerous people across the US are using a VPN for poker for this very reason. There are, however, some things you need to be aware of before you do this.

The first is that many of the major poker websites like PokerStars require lots of information at sign up. They will typically ask for your address, phone number, etc. Some of them may even require you to send a scan of your photo ID to prove your identity. Since these sites restrict US players, most US residents are identified and eliminated during the sign up process. If you want to be able to cash out your profits you’re going to need an address in a country where online poker is legal, such as the UK. You can then use your VPN’s UK server to access the site.

In addition, some poker sites have begun flagging IP addresses that they suspect emanate from a VPN. The truth is, it has become very difficult for US players to beat the system. It can be done, but the player has to be very careful that the VPN they use offers a static IP address and an L2TP protocol. Players also need to adjust their network settings so that they will disconnect if their L2TP VPN connection happens to be dropped during play. is a good choice for players who want to give it a try because of the protocols we offer and the stability of our connections.

This is not meant to discourage US players at all, just to make them aware of the pitfalls. At the same time, a VPN for online poker may be most useful for players who live in a region where playing is legal but find themselves traveling abroad. Say, for instance, that a person from the UK must work in the Arab region or the US for months at a time. They can easily continue to play online poker while abroad by using a VPN.

Use good judgment

The best advice we can give you about using a VPN account for online poker is to do your due diligence and use good judgment. Don’t rush into registering an account until you do some research on the sites available. If you live in the US, the best scenario may be to just wait it out. More legalized poker sites are appearing each day and some speculate that the big sites like PokerStars will someday be available again to US players.

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