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How to Order a VPN Account:

On this page using the buy now links above you will be redirected to PAYPAL to complete the purchase of the VPN account. Customers who wish to use PayPal to buy a VPN, need to have a Verified PayPal account. Payments from Verified PayPal accounts are more trustworthy and less likely to be fraudulent payments. A verified PayPal account would be one that has a bank account associated with it and confirmed. If you do not want to use PayPal simply use your credit card by clicking the link above.

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Accessing blocked websites, bypassing geo restrictions, unblocking Skype and other similar VoIP programs, being anonymous online, securing your connection, and keeping your information private has never been easier!


You buy a vpn from us and we send you the subscription details via an email. You then follow some steps to configure your device/computer and get connected. Servers are located in Germany, Britain, Netherlands, Canada, America, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore.


You can also use it on your iphone, ipad or android phone/tablet. A VPN app is not needed and no software to download & install.


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