OpenVPN: Open VPN SSL ClientIf you know what OpenVPN is than you also know that you are not seeking to order PPTP or L2TP IPsec VPN. We offer UK Open VPN and can be used for BBC iplayer just as you could use a regular UK PPTP VPN.


If you don't know what OpenVPN is, please order a normal PPTP/L2TP based VPN account. They do basically the same thing but using a different encryption. consider a US VPN, UK VPN, German VPN or check the order page.


OpenVPN is based on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption which is also the same as SSTP that is available on vista, windows 7 and 8. We offer SSTP VPN (SSL) via UK, DE and CA servers.


Just as PPTP and L2TP IPsec VPN, you will also be able to use VoIP application like Skype, bypass internet restrictions, ISP proxies that filter your internet surfing results.


We currently offer OpenVPN connection via UK servers and will provide it in other locations based on customer demand. The UK IP you receive is not a dedicated IP.


The OpenVPN service requires downaload and installation of the VPN Client software and it is intended for individuals seeking better security and need to use it on networks that are known to block normal VPN. For example: In Iran a number of ISPs are blocking PPTP VPN but not all.


If you are using Windows, you would receive the SSL OpenVPN Client to install and connect. If you are using a MAC or Linux you would receive the OpenVPN configuration file called ".ovpn" that you would use in conjunction with another compatible software.


MAC users use Tunneblick

Linux users use KVpnc or even Gopenvpn


There are some advantages of OpenVPN:


1) It uses SSL based encryption (2048 bit) and port 443 which is most often not blocked on networks.

2) Not as easy to detect and works when PPTP & L2TP IPsec VPN are blocked.

3) Bypass Geo-Ip blocking on website & access blocked websites that your ISP proxy has blocked (Just like our other packages)

4) Unmetered bandwidth. (Just like all our packages)


All our connections offer security, Privacy & an Anonymous connection to the web.!


Learn more about virtual private network packages we offer. VPN services or use the link above to refer a friend that you believe may benefit from our serivces.