Netflix is one of those rare companies that can legitimately claim to have changed popular culture. The company was founded in 1997, and today Netflix is the leader in on-demand Internet streaming of entertainment media. From your favorite TV shows to the latest blockbuster films, Netflix offers access to a wide variety of programming.


Despite the popularity of Netflix, the service is still unavailable in many areas of the world due to something known as geo-restriction. It is possible, through the use of a VPN account, to bypass the geo-restrictions on Netflix in certain parts of the world. We’ll tell you how that works, but first let’s take a more in-depth look at Netflix.


The History of Netflix

Netflix was launched in 1997 in Scotts Valley, California by two software employees who became frustrated because of the late fees charged by companies like Blockbuster in their physical locations. The entire premise which drove the creation of Netflix was the ability to rent a DVD with no specified return date, thereby eliminating late fees. The creators of the company also felt that the ability to choose movies online and have them delivered by mail would encourage a revival in the struggling DVD rental marketplace.


Initially, Netflix only had about 30 employees and less than 1000 titles available to potential customers. Things grew quickly and very soon Netflix was forced to open multiple servicing centers throughout the United States in order to fill their orders. By 2005, the Netflix collection of films had grown to 35,000 and the company was shipping out one million DVD’s each day.


Netflix is available throughout North America, but it should be noted that there is a difference between what is available in the US and Canada and what is available in Mexico.


That is a huge number, and it reflects what a giant Netflix has become. Still, all of the success Netflix created with renting DVD’s by mail has paled in comparison to their success in streaming media.


Streaming media with Netflix

As the Internet has grown, the way we watch media has begun to change. Fast data connections make it possible to stream movies and television programs directly to a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The convenience of this method of watching media is without equal. Because of its power in the media rental market, Netflix was in a great position to capitalize on streaming media.


Netflix customers can still receive DVD’s by mail, but streaming media is also included in their membership plan. Offerings on the Netflix website can be sent immediately to a computer, Android phone, or iPhone, and many satellite companies now make it possible to stream Netflix right to your television screen.


Once a membership with Netflix is purchased, the member simply navigates to the Netflix website and chooses which programs they would like to stream. It is that easy.


Popular shows on Netflix

Netflix members can find all of the most popular movies and television series available for immediate streaming. Episodes of The Walking Dead, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, and more can be watched 24/7. However, if you are really looking for something cool to stream, check out these Netflix exclusives:


Bad Samaritans. Half-hour comedy series.

Lilyhammer. Starring Steven Van Zandt as a mobster in witness protection.

Derek. From Ricky Gervais

Hemlock Grove. Drama in the form of murderous werewolves.

Narcos. Docudrama about notorious drug kingpin, Pablo Escobar.


Some of the best shows to be found on Netflix are actually produced by Netflix themselves, and it is well worth your time to check them out.


Netflix geo-restrictions

As great as Netflix is, it is still a US-based service which is only available in North America. Whenever you attempt to access Netflix in a country outside of North America you will encounter restrictions that block the site.


How does this happen? It is very simple. Whenever you log into your Netflix account, your IP address is noted. If it is determined that you are using an IP address from an area outside of the United States, your access will be blocked based on geo-restrictions.


Each time you use a public network to connect to the Internet, your IP address uniquely identifies your location. This identification is used to block access to individuals from restricted countries. Thankfully, a VPN account offers Netflix members a way to keep streaming their favorite shows while traveling.


Using a VPN with Netflix

Bypassing geo-restrictions on Netflix is not very complicated at all. To do it, you simply need to make sure your IP address identifies you as being in North America. The perfect solution for this is a US VPN account.


Whenever you use a VPN your IP address can be changed to reflect that you are accessing the Internet from the United States. Even if you are in Central America, The United Arab Emirates, or the Middle East, a VPN can conceal your location and make it possible for you to access restricted programming. Many travelers and expatriates use a VPN to watch their local television programming as well as access Netflix and other media accounts.


The process is very easy. Once a VPN account has been purchased and created, users simply configure the built-in VPN client on their computer, Android, or iOS with the credentials supplied by the network administrator. The VPN is then used to browse the Internet with privacy and security, and the network IP will indicate that the user is in their own country.

Another reason to use a VPN with Netflix

Avoiding geo-restriction is the main reason to use a VPN service to access your Netflix account, but there is one additional reason you might want to consider. By using a VPN to access your Netflix account you are reducing the risk that someone will sniff your private data and gain access to your account. If your browsing is unsecured it is possible for information thieves to steal your login and password when you are using a public network.