Here are some of the many advantages of using a VPN service.



It allows you to be Anonymous Online! We make your IP address invisible to the other end - You get a new IP, non traceable to your location.


If you connect to the internet via an unsecured network, use a VPN for Secure Connection! We provide a Strong VPN Encryption that prevents even your ISP from spying on you. We use PPTP and L2TP IPsec Encryption. 


Are websites blocked? Do you want to bypass Internet Restrictions!? Internet Censorship when traveling. Our service allows you to break through censorship imposed by your ISP or other entity. We have full uncensored internet. Not important in what country you are, you get access to any service which is necessary for you!. If you want to access poker sites or other gambling sites keep in mind that a US connection will not work unless the site itself is accepting US visits!


Add an extra layer of security using a Virtual Firewall


Do you usually use hotspot internet connections? Prevent password sniffers at hotspot VPN. You will have Full Protection in WiFi Hotspots - All data from your computer travels to our servers fully encrypted. An Evil Twin Attack would only yield heavily encrypted, useless data. VPN Services would protect you on WiFI hotspots. Secures you when using unsecured internet locations such as hotels, airports, internet cafes, cruise ships, university computers, etc. Our encryption guards all your data from the time it leaves your computer.


Use a VPN and get US, UK, or German IP and bypass geo ip blocking. Example use. If you are an Expat (Expatriate) and place an order online from China it may not go through but if you use a US IP address. Using a china IP would work but it might complicate matters and get you tangled in fraud screening. Another use would be for video streaming sites, if you wanted to watch BBC iplayer from abroad you would need a UK IP and if you wanted to watch US TV networks like NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC etc you would need a US IP Address.


Are you traveling in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc), Belize, Oman (Muscat etc) & want to use VOIP applications like Skype for skypeout calls? Unblock VoIP applications with voip port unblocking technology. Our system works with VOIP carriers worldwide. Our system will allow you to place VOIP calls even if they are being blocked by your ISP or other entity. Our encryption disguises the fact that you are placing a VOIP call.


WOW - World of Warcraft: Gamers may also want or prefer to use a dedicated IP. The VPN Connection is also great for Heaven, Adventure Island, Second Life, Silk Road, Star Wars, Skywalker, Lord of the Rings, DOFUS or others .... A VPN may be the solution to your problems.


If you tend to play poker online, you will need a vpn for poker and casino games while travelling to a country that blocks gambling sites. You would need to be from a country that the casino accepts players from and simply happen to be in a country restricting you access to sites such as bet365, bodog, spinpalace, betway etc


In conclusion, the use of VPN Services are endless. We must admit, we keep hearing of new ways it has helped people around the world!!! That is amazing.


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