The Magicjack voip device!


When travelling in some countries such as Belize, Oman, china, Kuwait, UAE you may find that it does not work. The reason is that the ISP in the country has decided it would be best to prevent the use and maximise profits. Using our services, you can unblock magicjack using a VPN and make your calls as you would normally do! Get a VPN connection for magicjack!


About magicJack...


Magicjack is into providing local as well as long distance calls in USA and Canada for absolutely free. This relieves customers from the burden of paying phone bills on a monthly basis. Being a VoIP service, the prospect of free calls is a reality now. Every customer accessing GSM services over the mobile phone can make VoIP calls that are not charged. It is beneficial for users, as they need to pay a one-time charge towards the hardware device using USB. Making and receiving calls is now easy with the introduction of this handy device that functions similar to that of any device offering similar kind of service for a fixed charge.


On the technical front, one end of the device consists of a male port that needs to be connected to your computer. The other end is meant for connecting to your mobile phone. After making this simple arrangement, you can start making calls without being charged. The service is a lot better in terms of quality and reliability, especially, for long distance calls. Other benefits offered are on par with those that are offered over any other normal phone like call waiting and call forwarding. Apart from those, there is an option for the display of the phone number called. These services are provided without any hidden costs.


The registration procedure is a cakewalk. Just plug in the device and when you are ready, the device prompts you for the area code in which you area along with the prefix of that area. The actual call will be initiated by your computer. Before this could be realised, a series of steps need to be followed. These steps are provided by your mobile phone through which you are connected. Your computer implements each instruction in order to make the call. You can make free calls to other parts of the world too even. But, users at both ends need to be connected with the magic jack device.


Using the facility provided by the MagicJack, you can reap maximum benefits. Making unlimited calls is just one of them through your high speed Internet connection. The device that connects your computer to your mobile phone is known as femtocell. From a more realistic point of view, a femtocell is referred to as a base station that allows unlimited calling from your mobile phones. This service, which is currently available for free only in the USA and Canada, is expected to extend its features to the rest of the countries as well. MagicJack is considered to be user friendly as it is easy to use by just plugging it into the socket.


Coming to the design issues, the size of MagicJack is exactly the size of your thumb. Considering all these features of this useful device, it is not surprising to accept that VoIP facilities has been tapped the most and implemented in the best way possible. Also, the provision for conference calling has been optimised. The only biggest concern is that your PC needs to be kept on always in order to make or get calls. Another concern that matters to a considerable extent is that the intensity of the number of ads displayed. Also, in order to use the services of a MagicJack, you need to obtain a fresh number.


It is not that the Internet service is provided along with the device. The only feature your MagicJack provides is to enable free calling to any of the local number. Besides, calls to long distances without incurring any charges are favoured. The extensive usage of MagicJack device depends on the number of people adopting it