Using the VPN on your iPhone can be very useful in a variety of circumstances. In fact, if you aren’t using your iPhone’s VPN client you should be. Don’t feel bad. Most iPhone users never access the VPN features of their device and many of them don’t even know the feature exists. We’re going to help you learn more about using a VPN with your iOS.


What is an iPhone VPN?


Let’s face it. The iPhone 4, and now the iPhone 5, are the most popular smartphone platforms available today. Apple has always prided itself on making cutting-edge technology and the iOS is no exception. The thing is, many iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 users don’t fully use all of the features on their device. The iOS VPN client is an example.


Virtual Private Networks, or VPN’s, allow device users to communicate across a public network without sacrificing security. You might thing that this only works on your home computer or laptop, but accessing a VPN on your iPhone is possible and very easy.


If you already have a VPN configured for your laptop, setting up your iPhone is a breeze and can be accomplished in a few simple steps. On your phone just go to Settings > General > VPN. You’ll be prompted to input the configuration of your VPN. Remember, the VPN on your iPhone is just a client, or software, that allows you to access the service. You’ll still need to subscribe for a VPN service. To configure the VPN on your iPhone you will need the settings from your network administrator, or you can use the same settings you used on your laptop or desktop at home. Input those settings and the VPN on your iPhone is ready to go. Check out the guide for setting up the vpn on an iphone.


That’s it. The whole process takes less than a minute and you can use your iPhone’s browser without fretting over a lack of security. Remember, the VPN client is NOT an app. You do not need to go to the App Store to purchase it or download for free. It comes preinstalled on your iPhone 4 or 5 and future models.


Why use VPN on your iPhone?


The iPhone is changing many things about the way we access the Internet. We can make purchases, download books and other media, and even play a hand of blackjack with our iPhone browsers. All of this convenience is great, but each time you access a Wi-Fi hotspot or other unsecured network with your iPhone you are potentially exposing your sensitive personal information to hackers and identity thieves.


Public Wi-Fi networks are a perfect spot to steal personal information. Essentially, everyone on an unsecured network has their data exposed to anyone else on the network who knows how to access it. Imagine buying a book from Amazon with your credit card while someone lurking on the network grabs your card number. It can be done.


The greatest benefit of using a VPN on your iPhone, therefore, is increased security. All of the data transmitted across a VPN is encrypted. Whenever someone tries to “sniff” information being passed across a VPN all they get is garbled, encoded data.


Another excellent benefit to using a VPN on your phone is the ability to access restricted websites or other blocked services. For example, in some places like the UAE, Belize, Kuwait, and Oman the use of Skype is blocked by the ISP’s in those areas. Whenever you use a VPN you can unblock Skype and other restricted web services because your IP address can appear to be coming from the United States. This is very useful for expatriates who are travelling on work assignments in various countries. When using a VPN they can maintain access to all of the services available in their home country.


Of course, there are other individuals who want to use a VPN strictly because they value their personal freedom online. They want to be able to surf and view content that might attract the wrong attention from prying eyes. To each his own, but if you are viewing any content that might be considered objectionable it is best to use the iPhone’s VPN.


Students can benefit from using their iPhone to access the VPN offered by their university. Most university systems now have a VPN which is made available to students and educators. This allows students access to grades, research materials, and other university resources on their iPhone when they are traveling or away from campus. It is very convenient for a student to be able to access a database of their submitted coursework, for example, when they are in a public library off campus or when they go home for a visit and want to show Mom and Dad what they have been doing in college. If you are a student, contact your student advisors for assistance in setting up the VPN on your iPhone. The VPN service you will get is different than what we offer though. Using out service you will have access to the internet while using the university vpn you will have access to the university network only.


iPhone VPN Review


Now you know a little bit more about VPN’s and what they are used for, and you also know how to set one up on your iPhone. Here are just a few reminders of the important things you need to remember:





If you’re going to pay lots of money for an iPhone, then you should be using all of the services your iPhone provides. That includes the VPN client. Increase your level of security by taking a moment to set up your iPhone VPN right now.