Hulu is one of the new kids on the block when it comes to streaming movies and television shows via the Internet. Even so, Hulu has rapidly gained a significant share of this important entertainment market. More people are choosing Hulu because of their association with some of America’s biggest television networks.


Hulu is especially great for American citizens travelling abroad who want to enjoy their favorite stateside television programs. Unfortunately, all access to Hulu is blocked by IP address for everyone outside of the United States and its minor territories. Thankfully, a VPN service can make Hulu available to anyone regardless of their geographical location. We’ll show you how, but first let’s take a closer look at Hulu.


The History of Hulu

In March of 2007 several of the world’s largest Internet companies announced they would be partnering with a company named Hulu in order to provide streaming of popular entertainment. AOL, MSN, Facebook, and Yahoo were tapped to be among the initial distributors of Hulu, and the buzz about the service was very high.


In a display of brilliant marketing, the Hulu website went live in late 2007 with no streaming content available. Instead, site visitors to register to become beta testers of Hulu. These first beta testers began to explore Hulu in October 2007, and a short time later they were allowed to invite their friends. By early 2008, Hulu went live for the public at large streaming content developed by NBCUniversal.


One of the reasons Hulu has become so popular is because of their agreements with major television networks. ABC, NBC, and FOX each own roughly one-third of Hulu. What this basically does is gives Hulu the rights to a lot of popular programming that cannot be streamed via any other method. It is also unique in that it partners television networks which are typically highly competitive.


One of the most recent networks to jump on the Hulu bandwagon is Disney. Hulu also launched a subscription-based service in addition to their free product.


Streaming media with Hulu

Using Hulu to stream media is very easy. The first thing you must do in order to use Hulu is to register an account. Getting a free account will give you access to a vast amount of television programs and movies from networks like ABC, Nickelodeon, MTV, FOX, Comedy Central, USA, The CW, and a whole lot more. You will also be able to see trailers for the newest movies and video games. Just browse the categories and find something you want to watch.


For those who are a little more hardcore, Hulu Plus is the company’s effort to compete with Netflix. A Hulu Plus membership cost about $8 per month and greatly expands the selection of movies and television shows that are available to members.


Popular shows on Hulu

Can you imagine watching every episode of “Saturday Night Live” or “The Simpsons”? Well, these are just a couple of the popular choices available on Hulu. You can access the past episodes of these shows and see any that you might have missed.


Here is just a small sampling of some of the most popular programs on Hulu right now:


Law and Order: SVU. All 14 seasons and 348 episodes of this popular series are available for streaming.

Grey’s Anatomy. All 9 seasons, 196 episodes, are waiting on Hulu.

Family Guy. You can see Stewie from the very first episode.

The Office. The legendary comedy series is ready to stream.

Scandal. One of the hottest news shows on Television.

Nashville, Grimm, Castle…and so many more.


If that isn’t enough to satisfy your entertainment craving, there are thousands of movies to choose from. You could spend an entire month watching nothing but Hulu and still only scratch the surface of what they offer.


Hulu geo-restricitions

At this time, Hulu is only available to the United States and its minor territories. This is determined via IP address. Whenever you attempt to access Hulu from an IP outside of the United States, Hulu is blocked because of geo-restrictions.


Fortunately, there is a way to enjoy Hulu no matter where you happen to be travelling. It is simple, simply buy a VPN account.


Using a VPN with Hulu

Getting around the geo-restrictions placed on Hulu isn’t a big deal at all. All you need to do is make sure your IP address identifies you as being in the United States or one of its territories. It is very possible to do this when you use a VPN.


A VPN allows your IP address to be changed in order to reflect that you are accessing the Internet from the United States. Whether you are in Central America, The United Arab Emirates, or the Middle East, a VPN can conceal your location and make it possible for you to access Hulu and other restricted programming.  Many travelers and expatriates use a VPN to watch their local television programming as well as access Hulu and other media accounts. In other words, just because you are abroad does not mean that you need to give up your Hulu service.


The process is simple and affordable. Once a VPN account has been purchased and created, just configure the built-in VPN client on your computer, Android, or iOS with the credentials supplied by the network administrator and you are all set. You will then use your VPN to browse the Internet with privacy and security, and the network IP will indicate that you are in the United States.


Using our VPN accounts we allow a user to choose an IP from different geographical locations. This can be useful in maintaining a consistent state of private browsing.

Another reason to use a VPN with Hulu

Avoiding geo-restriction is the main reason to use a VPN service to access your Hulu account, but think about this: do you really want your private data exposed while you watch an episode of Arrested Development? That can easily happen whenever you are streaming media on an unsecured network.


Identity thieves and hackers are constantly “sniffing” public networks to see what they can get from unprotected and unsuspecting Web surfers. Secure your web access today with a VPN account.