Thats right, free vpn account service to the public and they do not have any limitations compared to the accounts that we sell. At this time we are offering free VPN accounts on servers located in US & UK. We are not offering an unlimited number of connections, there is indeed a limited number of free VPN connections issued every month. If you are not sure a VPN is what you need, check the benefits.


By offering a free vpn account is a WIN / WIN situation for everyone. As a user you get yourself a free account that is exactly the same as the paid service and as a provider we get some publicity from you. We have a few different promotions at this time.


Below you can read more about our free vpn account offers:


Grab a free VPN account every month:


- You would need to contact us on the 1st & or 2nd of any month via the contact form.
- You need to mention the "30 day free account" and if you are seeking US or UK VPN.
- Lucky applicants will receive a free account. The Free account is just like the paid account!!
- Please note that only the winners will be notified. Winners should receive accounts by the 3rd of the month.


Why not also refer a friend to participate?! Click here


Buy an account and possibly get a second VPN account for free of charge


- You place an order at the following page: Buy VPN
- Random buyers are selected and offered a free 30 day account to be forward to a friend or family member.
- This promotion takes place daily.


Promote our VPN service & get a free vpn connection on the house!


Option One: You have a web site on which you can promote us on.


- You would write a 250 - 350 words review about our service in English or your language if different than English. It has to be unique content and not copied from another site.
- In the review, you would place a link to our site. We will provide you with keywords to use.
- The page on which you post the review needs to have a google PR of 2 or above, and not be a link farm / pay per post kind of site.


Option Two: Text link from your site to ours.


- Send us an email with the site URL and where you intend to put the text link and we will get back to you


Option Three: Promote us using Twitter.


If you have many followers, we may be interested in having our site mentioned in a tweet! Get in touch.

You may also contact us if you have other ideas on how to promote us.



VPN Trial Account!

If you would like a VPN trial account please contact us.