france server location

Our FR vpn service is basically an VPN account via a server in located in France that would allow you to connect & change your IP address to one from France. Once connected you will be assigned a French IP address and all your internet traffic will be encrypted using PPTP, SSTP or L2TP IPsec encryption. You will still need an internet connection but you will bypass internet filtering, restrictions and log keeping (if your ISP keeps logs).


It is also seeked by people wanting to access streaming sites from france while they are outside france. Using the vpn you would bypass geo restrictions.


It also works great in the middle east such as in United Arab Emirates and Oman in which Skype & other voip applications will not work well! Save money on long distance calls using a vpn.


Dedicated FR IP Addresses are not available, shared IP is most common and more anonumous.


Learn more about virtual private network packages we offer. To do so check the following page "VPN subscriptions" or use the link above to refer a friend that you believe may benefit from our services.


Peer to Peer (or "P2P") Bit Torrents file sharing programs are not permitted on the servers. The end result is a better, cleaner network