With time, things may get out of control and sites will get blocked for no apparent reason such as the case in China and Middle Eastern countries. Blocking sites that may harm your computer is okay in many users opinion. If things get out of control and social media sites get blocked etc, you can rely on our service to access blocked sites!


Internet censorship efforts in France are reaching unprecedented levels.  Furthered by multiple censorship and surveillance efforts working towards maintaining a healthier Internet experience for their citizens, France is now on the forefront of the Internet censorship effort.  Instead of taking a relaxed approach at what content is available for their Internet users are allowed to view, France has made numerous steps to block sites that could cause harm before they are accessed.  It used to be, in recent years, that Internet users were individually prosecuted for any copyright violations or illegal content charges.  Now, with the passing of what's called "Loppsi 2", Internet users are shielded from legally offending Web sites before they're able to be viewed.  This prevents Internet users from getting themselves into hot water with the law in the first place, eliminating any possibility of a conscious effort to violate the Internet mandates already in place.


One of the new Internet protection inclusions include a form of reporting software.  A real life "Trojan horse" is installed on every Internet subscribers computer, reporting personal Web site visits to the governmental authorities of France.  While some Internet freedom advocates complain that this is a violation of their freedoms, this new software is simply a tool used to report possible violations of the law to the proper channels. 


Cyber crime is a much larger faction of illegal business than it was in the earlier years of the Internet. Cleaning up the Web sites available to the citizens of France is a proactive approach to Internet usage.  Filtering devices are effectively blocking all Web sites that could present a window of opportunity for law breakers.  Similar to a big brother, these new measures work to stop bad things from happening before they come to be. 


All in all, the stepping up of France's Internet censorship regulations can only stand to improve the quality, service, and expectations every Internet user has of their beloved country.  Less possibility for Internet conflicts means a better way of doing business for the increasing number of netizens working online to improve their life.


When things slip and random sites get blocked, you can rely on us to provide you access to the blocked sites! Of course any illegal content would remain blocked on our network.


A huge database of Internet user information is being gathered in the form of "Pericles", helping to assist authorities and Internet Service Providers with everything they need to maintain order in their massive ranks of Internet subscribers.  The ability to use the Internet as a form of financial freedom and self improvement will no longer be trampled upon by irresponsible Internet users with a penchant for breaking the "rules".  Additionally, a government blacklist of officially offending sites is continually growing to automatically block Internet domains that present a violation of the law or problem to the citizens of France.  The LOPPI2 Internet censorship provision passed in the National Assembly with a 312-214 vote.  These regulations are expected to become more refined, include additional censorship efforts, and work towards the countries general well being throughout the coming years.


Using our services you would be able to access blocked websites when your ISP is blocking the website. If the site is not illegal in anyway!