Using our service you can bypass the geo blocking and you can amongst other things, watch us tv overseas! If you don't know what it is let us explain.


Geo blocking is a technology that web sites use to prevent visitors from accessing their web sites or services. They usually block visitors from specific regions and countries or they block all countries apart from one.


IP blocking is mainly used by companies such as Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC etc who are moving their television, radio and music content online.


When you connect to the internet you are assigned an IP address and the IP is assigned by your ISP (internet service provider) that in turn are assigned in block to your ISP. The blocks are assigned to countries and the sites who geoblock use databases to know which country your IP corresponds to.


Geoblocking is also sometimes used to display alternative content on a site depending the location from which site is being accessed.


If you need a software to bypass geo blocking, we can inform you that you do not need a software to use our services. Bypassing geographical restriction is easy and once connected to our service you can trick the geo filters from detecting your real location!


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