Learn how to setup VPN on a Boxee Box.

boxee boxHere you will find the setup guide for your boxee box. Boxee box has a built in PPTP VPN client and you can configure it to connect to our service by following the steps below. you can read more about a boxee box here




Boxee Box PPTP VPN Setup Guide

  • 1.Connect to your boxee box and the home screen will load.
  • 2.Open the navigation menu by pressing the "options" button on the remote control.
  • 3.Using the Up arrow on the remote control, select the settings icon which looks like a small gear. A "cog"
  • 4.Select the "network" icon by using the Right arrow on the remote control. Press OK.
  • 5.Press the Down arrow to highlight "VPN"

    -- Connection type - pptp (default)
    -- Server – Enter the IP address from the welcome email.
    -- Account - Enter your VPN username from the welcome email.
    -- Password – Enter your VPN password from the welcome email.
    -- Encryption required – check.
    -- If unable to connect, try with encryption off by unchecking it.