Zero Trust Security

Zero trust security

Those who have an interest in technology and all things related to the Internet may have heard the term zero trust security. It’s become a popular phrase of late. The concept revolves around some core principles that are designed to shore up any weaknesses in the manner in which we manage our online affairs.

Zero trust security assumes that advanced security protocols are necessary in today’s world. We believe that a VPN should play a central role in anyone’s security plan, but there are also other measures that can be taken. Here’s a closer look at the subject.

The Zero Trust Security Model

Zero trust security is a model approach to managing security online. It has been developed with three central maxims:

  • Every connection is checked
  • Clearances and permissions are segregated
  • Only yes is yes

What you will usually find is that the popular VPN providers today already use this model. This is especially true in regards to the last maxim. Encryption is designed for control, allowing you to determine what you want to be placed on your machine. It can also help to dictate what information you wish to reveal when you are browsing.

Doesn’t that make sense from a security standpoint? You should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to the information you are willing to share with others. The zero trust security approach empowers you to do just that.

Access was a big problem in the early days of cybersecurity. If you wanted to access things on some levels, you had to sacrifice personal security. Individuals often weighed the access to information as being more important than revealing some personal data or even access to device.

Perhaps the best example of the old way of doing things was how cookies were managed. You know that cookies have long been used to collect browsing information and user data. There was a time when giving a website your permission to collect data on a single page extended over the entire site. In fact, old ways of wording in privacy policies often meant that your mere browsing of a website constituted an acceptance of data tracking with cookies.

What Zero Trust Security Means to the Individual

There is a misconception that security on a large scale is only important to companies today. People think that only large companies, or software giants like Microsoft and Apple, are susceptible to hacks and data breaches. This is far from the truth. Due to the popularity of mobile devices, it has become far more lucrative for hackers to target individuals and their personal devices than large companies.

VPNs work on many of the same principles that are advocated by zero trust security. They begin by creating a special compartmentalization of your device, allowing you complete control over what you expose.

When you use a VPN to connect to the Internet, your ISP can see that you are connected. They cannot see specifically what you are doing while you are connected. This means that you can achieve anonymity that is not possible without a VPN.

The VPN is identified by its IP address, obscuring your actual IP address in the process. If you don’t want your US Netflix to know that you are overseas, no problem. Just use a US VPN server to connect. The same is true if you are in a foreign country that blocks access to WhatsApp and you want to make a call back home where the service is allowed.

With a VPN you are able to check every connection, establish segregation for clearances and permissions, and practice the “only yes is yes” model.

Better Security is Now Accepted As Common Sense

Technology improves over the years. Today we enjoy flat screen televisions with incredible resolution. Our grandparents had to be content with the very first color televisions. They also used cell phones that were carried in a bag. Why should we still be using the same outdated methods of security when there are better models available?

A zero trust model of Internet security is just common sense. It is the natural evolution of our security technology. The thing with security is that is has always required implementation by the end user in order to function at maximum efficiency.

Many people know that they have a built-in VPN client on their device. Such clients are standard today. All you need to do is buy a VPN plan from to use it. Still, even though the technology has been provided, some people still fail to use this common sense step.

If you have any questions about zero trust security or how a VPN can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are ready to buy your plan, we make the process simple and affordable. You can be using your VPN in just a few minutes with our easy set up.

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