Access SKYGO Outside the UK using a VPN

Sky Go is one of the most popular services in the UK for streaming television programs and movies to your PC, Mac, or mobile device. You can even stream media via Sky Go to an Xbox 360 game console. The on-demand functionality of Sky Go has made it a popular choice for streaming media, but those traveling outside of the UK are likely to find Sky Go blocked. Here’s a brief rundown of Sky Go, the programming it offers, and the way you can use your VPN to unlock the skygo app worldwide.

History of Sky Go

Sky Go is owned and operated by the multimedia company Sky, who decided in 2006 to revamp their streaming media services. This rebranding process involved multiple stages and different names for what eventually became known as Sky Go. It was initially called Sky Player, Sky Anytime on PC, and Sky by Broadband.

The most significant changes of the rebranding of Sky were adding the ability to watch live television broadcasts in addition to on-demand programming, updated functionality for smartphone users (the Sky Go app can be downloaded directly from the App Store or Google Play) , and compatibility with the Xbox gaming console. All of these changes seem to indicate that Sky Go is serious about delivering digital content and competing with larger media services.

Best Programs on Sky Go

You will, of course, find all of the great BBC programming on Sky Go, from popular television series to made-for-TV dramas only available in the UK. Another great thing about Sky Go is the availability of sports programming. Here’s a brief look at some of the most popular programs on Sky Go:

  1. Sports. Many Sky Go users turn to the service because of their high-end sports programming. Users have the ability to watch many of their favorite soccer teams on-demand, and they can also watch individual matches from Wimbledon. This makes Sky Go a must-have service for the sports fan on the go, and with the recent addition of live streaming users may even be able to watch some events on their smartphone at the stadium.
  2. Movies. Dark Shadows and Skyfall are just two of the movies currently available through Sky Go’s premium services.
  3. American TV Series. Residents of the UK can access a wide range of American programming. Glee, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Storage Wars are all available for on-demand streaming.
  4. Original BBC Programming. All of the great BBC programs you love, like Dr. Who, Sherlock, and Torchwood can all be accessed on your Sky Go account.

As you can see, Sky Go combines the best services from mainstream television in the US and UK with an amazing selection of recent movies. All one needs to access most of the content on Sky Go is an existing Sky TV subscription.

My Sky Go is Gone!

Sky Go users can be in for quite a shock when they attempt to access their services outside of the UK from countries such as Cyprus, Malta, Oman, Qatar, UAE, India, USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Thailand and all the rest. Similar to US-based services like Netflix, Sky Go is geographically restricted to residents inside the United Kingdom. What this means is that you will not typically be able to access Sky Go whenever you travel outside of the United Kingdom.

That can be a problem, especially for expatriates who use their Sky Go account to monitor local news networks when working abroad. Thankfully, a UK VPN offers a way for Sky Go subscribers to maintain access to their services wherever they may be located.

One of the great things about VPNaccounts is that we provide multiple servers to choose from when connecting. One of those servers is UK based. This is the VPN server you will need to access in order to watch Sky Go abroad. Whenever you connect to the UK server, your IP address is changed to reflect that you are still in the UK. So, if you happen to be in New York on business or in China on vacation, local programming via Sky Go combined with our UK VPN remains available to you.

Remember, there are no special configurations you need to make to your Sky Go account in order to use our VPN. Once you have the VPN configured on your device (we will happily provide simple instructions), connecting is a breeze. You do not need to install any complex software, and you do not need to make any changes to your Sky subscription service.

An important thing to remember is this: depending on the locale you expect to be traveling to, you should probably consider buying your VPN service in advance to insure that your Sky Go access is not interrupted when you arrive in a foreign country. Some countries, like China, restrict access to VPN providers’ websites and you will not be able to set up your account.

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