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Here’s a little data to wrap your brain around. In 2010 there were roughly 63 million smartphone users (Android, iOS, Blackberry) in the United States. By 2015 the data suggests that this number will triple to over 180 million users. It is estimated that by 2018 more than 220 million people will own and use a smartphone, and that is only in the United States!

Now, here’s the kicker. How many of those users do you think are being responsible and using a VPN on their smartphone or tablet? One recent survey states that 52% of smartphone users…roughly half…use a VPN in connection with their device. Clearly, a significant number of people understand that using a VPN on a smartphone or tablet is a responsible decision that contributes to the security of their device.

Expensive devices, affordable VPN

If you have purchased a smartphone or tablet recently then you understand the expense of obtaining one of these devices. As consumers we have been somewhat conditioned to believe that most people get a smartphone for free or at a minimal cost because of the promos we see advertised by mobile service and data providers. The fact is that those promotions touch only a small part of the smartphone and tablet market. Most people are paying full price for their devices.

Let’s take a look at a popular current example, the iPhone. Apple has sought to reinvigorate its share of the mobile market by introducing new models of its legendary iOS mobile device. With more features and a bigger display, people were lining up to obtain one of the new models the moment they were released. They were pricey to begin, but Apple seems to have finally realized that a lower price point will attract more customers. As of this writing the iPhone 6 sells on the Apple Website for $199-$299. While this is a reduction in price users have come to expect it is still a sizable investment.

Unfortunately, the iPad, Apple’s standard-setting tablet, is still priced at around $499 for a new model. These are being bought in record numbers, however, as the applications for usage increase.

Now let’s take a look at a comparable Android device, The ever popular Galaxy Note costs around $399 and the HTC Droid DNA will set you back right at $650. Android has taken over the larger share of the smartphone market by making frequent upgrades to its OS and constantly expanding the apps available for the device through the Google PlayStore.

So, why are we throwing all of these numbers at you anyway? It is because we want to put things in perspective. A year’s worth of VPN service from VPNaccounts.com will cost you just $97 or even less. For a fraction of what your smartphone or tablet costs you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have taken measures to secure the browsing you do from your device.

So, the question we are asking you is this: Is it worth $97 to secure your expensive device and protect your data?

The dangers of unencrypted smartphone and tablet browsing

The thing that makes mobile devices especially vulnerable to security breaches is, well, their mobility. Smartphones and tablets were designed to be used in a mobile fashion. Users primarily connect these devices to networks outside of their trusted one at home. That network could be at the local coffee house or fast food restaurant, a hotel, or even an Internet café in a foreign country.

People engage in the same online activities while using these unsecured networks as they do at home. They shop, they pay bills, they check their bank statements, they send personal email, and they browse websites. The problem with that is that an unencrypted connection makes it possible for data thieves access your information and cause you a world of trouble. It may not happen to you the first time you use an unsecured connection or even the second or third time, but if you keep exposing your data to the masses you are like an animal crossing a busy highway. Sooner r later your luck is going to run out.

You would feel very foolish if you spent hundreds of dollars on the latest smartphone or tablet and then lost hundreds more because your identity was stolen. A VPN could have gone a long way to prevent that from happening. It just doesn’t make good financial sense to leave your expensive device unprotected.

If you do happen to receive a promotion from your mobile carrier that allows you to receive one of these devices free or at a huge discount, why not take some of the money you saved and invest that in a year’s worth of peace of mind by purchasing VPN service from VPN-accounts.com

3 Steps to use VPN


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ConnectConfigure the VPN on your device.


Enjoy VPNEnjoy the benefits of a VPN today.

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