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poker vpn If you like to play online poker but live in an area where playing for real money and many poker websites are restricted, you can often access these sites with a VPN account from VPN-accounts.com. In order to use a VPN for poker, you need to understand a few things about creating/setting up your account and which poker sites offer you the best chance of winning.

The legality of online poker

Online poker is still legal in many parts of the world. Most famously, many Caribbean nations and the United Kingdom allow individuals to play poker on the Internet. Arab nations, however, typically restrict access to poker sites because they violate the mores of Islamic society. You may be surprised to discover that the United States actually leads the world when it comes to banning online poker.

Poker in the US was big business until April 15, 2011—a date known to online poker players as Black Friday. On that date, the FBI opened sealed indictments against three of the largest online poker sites—PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Absolute Poker—and shut them down immediately. Player accounts were frozen and the sites’ bank accounts were seized. Many famous US players were affected by the ban.

Today, the major online poker sites are still prohibited from allowing US players to play for real money, although some states have started the process of making online poker legal. In most cases, a few large casino companies are being granted licenses to operate Internet casinos in their own states. For example, the WSOP (World Series of Poker) owned by Caesars Entertainment was recently allowed to offer online poker, but only to residents of Nevada where land-based poker has been legal for decades.

You might think that famous Internet US poker players were put out of business by the US ban, but you would be wrong. For some reason, these guys keep appearing on PokerStars and other sites banned in the US. How is that possible? Did these players just leave the US and take up residence in other countries? While we can’t speak for all of them, we do know that many players use a VPN for online poker in order to avoid geographical identification and restriction.

VPN’s and Internet Poker

Let’s be clear: playing online poker with a VPN can be done. Numerous people across the US are using a VPN for poker for this very reason. There are, however, some things you need to be aware of before you do this.

The first is that many of the major poker websites like PokerStars require lots of information at sign up. They will typically ask for your address, phone number, etc. Some of them may even require you to send a scan of your photo ID to prove your identity. Since these sites restrict US players, most US residents are identified and eliminated during the sign up process. If you want to be able to cash out your profits you’re going to need an address in a country where online poker is legal, such as the UK. You can then use your VPN’s UK server to access the site.

In addition, some poker sites have begun flagging IP addresses that they suspect emanate from a VPN. The truth is, it has become very difficult for US players to beat the system. It can be done, but the player has to be very careful that the VPN they use offers a static IP address and an L2TP protocol. Players also need to adjust their network settings so that they will disconnect if their L2TP VPN connection happens to be dropped during play. VPNaccounts.com is a good choice for players who want to give it a try because of the protocols we offer and the stability of our connections.

This is not meant to discourage US players at all, just to make them aware of the pitfalls. At the same time, a VPN for online poker may be most useful for players who live in a region where playing is legal but find themselves traveling abroad. Say, for instance, that a person from the UK must work in the Arab region or the US for months at a time. They can easily continue to play online poker while abroad by using a VPN.

Use good judgment

The best advice we can give you about using a VPN account for online poker is to do your due diligence and use good judgment. Don’t rush into registering an account until you do some research on the sites available. If you live in the US, the best scenario may be to just wait it out. More legalized poker sites are appearing each day and some speculate that the big sites like PokerStars will someday be available again to US players.

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