Don’t Miss NFL Games, Watch NFL with a VPN

vpn for nfl The 2013 NFL football season is halfway through, and teams are gearing up for that final push that will carry them through the playoffs and on to the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in February. Hardcore fans know what it is like to suffer an NFL Blackout or miss their favorite team because of programming choices by local television markets, and smart fans are using a VPN to unblock NFL games and stream them live on the Internet.

Why do they block NFL Games?

NFL football games can be blocked for a couple of reasons. The first is something known as the local market blackout. The local market blackout was devised by team owners in the early days of televised football to encourage live attendance to the games. Basically, a local market blackout was originally implemented when a game failed to sell out within a specified time frame. In small markets like Green Bay, this tactic worked very well. Today, it is still used with slightly amended rules. Get a VPN Account, and be free of internet restrictions and censorship.

The current NFL blackout rules stipulate that television stations within a 75-mile radius of the local stadium may only broadcast road games or games that sell out 72 hours or more before kickoff. In June of 2012, the NFL rules were revised to allow teams to set a benchmark between 85 and 100 percent of non-premium seats which must be sold to avoid a blackout.

Obviously, the most popular teams in the NFL have no problem selling seats to their games. But what about teams that aren’t playing well? This year, Jacksonville Jaguar fans are paying the price after their team is off to a 1-7 start. Attendance is down in the stadium, causing blackouts and further alienating harddcore fans.

Competing market blackouts

A second type of blackout is really not a blackout at all, but rather the result of a programming choice by television stations that serve two markets. A great example is the Fox affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana. While Louisiana is the home of the New Orleans Saints, many Dallas Cowboy fans live on the Louisiana-Texas border and depend upon the Shreveport station to watch Cowboy games. Because these two teams often play at the same time, the station must choose which game to show. Similar situations happen in Florida, which boasts three NFL teams, and California where there are multiple teams within a short radius.

Beat the NFL blackout with your VPN

Thankfully, the Internet has solved many sport’s fans inability to watch their favorite football team compete. Apps like NFL Total Access and other streaming media services offer up each and every NFL game every week. It seems like all you need to do is get a subscription to one of these services and you are good to go, right?

Not so fast. Thanks to geo-restrictions which are enabled by tracking a user’s IP address, the NFL can still restrict games in certain markets. If, for example, your IP address reveals that you are within a 75-mile radius of Pittsburgh when the game there is blacked out, you still will not be able to access the live coverage. These apps do not restrict based on the address you used at sign up; the NFL knows that most people purchase these apps because they want to see their teams when they are traveling. They restrict based on where you are when you access the app.

Using a VPN to unblock NFL games is the answer. With multiple server options, you can appear to be in Canada or the UK when you access the games, thereby avoiding the dreaded blackout.

Follow these simple steps

If you want to watch every NFL game without the fear of a blackout, the process is pretty simple:

We work hard to make it affordable and easy for anyone to use a VPN to unblock NFL games. If you need assistance getting your VPN configured, we’ll gladly give you support. You can purchase a year of VPN access from for less than the cost of a premium seat at most NFL games. You’ll never miss another thrilling catch, 50-yard touchdown run, or overtime period when you have VPN access. With the NFL playoffs looming on the horizon, don’t be left out in the cold when your team takes the field!

3 Steps to use VPN


Sign upBuy an affordable VPN account.


ConnectConfigure the VPN on your device.


Enjoy VPNEnjoy the benefits of a VPN today.

Get a VPN Account

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