Are Internet Service Provider Logging Your Internet Activity?

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Are ISP’s Compromising your Online Security?

VPN - Information SuperhighwayAn ISP, or Internet Service Provider, is the foundation of your access to the Internet whether you be surfing from your own home network or using the public Wi-Fi at the local coffee shop. It is important that you understand the inherent security flaws in any ISP and how to fix them by using a VPN. Just having a connection to the Internet does not guarantee your online safety. Buy a vpn, to bypass internet censorship and internet restrictions.

The role of your ISP

Your ISP exists for one purpose and one purpose only, to facilitate your access to the Cloud. In the old days the Internet was often referred to as the Information Super Highway. An ISP is your on-ramp to that highway. Just like driving on a busy freeway, the freeway itself is not responsible for your driving safety once you enter the fast lane of travel. It’s the same with your ISP. Beyond providing you a way to access the Internet, your ISP is not responsible for your safety.

Oh, if it were only that simple. In the modern world we live in, ISP’s are beginning to assume a new role. That new role is driving ISP’s to become the snitches of the digital age. ISP’s are regularly compelled to turn over browsing data to many different parties. In many areas of the world—the Arab Region such as UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, in particular—ISP’s are state-owned and controlled. In the US we are accustomed to many available choices, and ISP’s are no exception. This simply isn’t true in other countries. When the state controls an ISP, the opportunities for censorship and restriction are vastly increased.

Therefore, the new role of the ISP is not simply that of service provider but of observer and monitor. The moment you connect to the Internet via your ISP you have exposed yourself to surveillance of your Internet activities. The ISP will not encourage, nor provide, a means for your to keep your data secure.

The VPN Necessity

Because ISP’s are now being forced into an expanded role which includes the monitoring of Internet traffic, using a VPN has become a necessity for anyone who prizes freedom and unregulated Internet access. There has to be some technology that thwarts an ISP’s ability to track, observe, and ultimately control what users are able to do online.

Every time that you connect to the Internet you are creating a potential trail for someone to follow. Most users take little or no precautions, so following this trail is very easy to do. It isn’t just easy for your ISP to track your activities; hackers and identity thieves can also manipulate unsecured connections to steal sensitive information. Security begins by interrupting that trail that you leave behind. A VPN does exactly that.

Whenever you use a VPN, those who attempt to follow and track your activities can follow only to a minimal point. They will then reach the encrypted data transfer that the VPN provides, and tracking your further progress becomes impossible. This interruption of your digital fingerprint is what allows a VPN to unblock restricted websites in many parts of the world. Masking your true IP address is a crucial component in erasing that trail.

With a VPN account, you more or less vanish the moment you connect to it. Your ISP can certainly tell that you are connected to the Internet, but once the VPN tunnel is opened you can virtually disappear. You’ll only resurface in the eyes of your ISP when you disconnect from your VPN. That sounds like a lot of cloak-and-dagger, James Bond lingo, but it really isn’t all that mysterious or hard to comprehend.

Worry Less With VPN

If an ISP is an evil enemy, then it is surely a necessary one. You can’t connect to the Internet without an ISP, so learn to make peace with that fact right now. But, you can control what the ISP registers about your Internet browsing. You can control what data you want to share and what data you want to keep private. The only way to truly eliminate concerns over who is watching your online activity is to use a VPN.

To return to that analogy we gave earlier about the Information Super Highway, you probably wouldn’t think highly of driving your car without insurance. Why not? Because having insurance on your car gives you peace of mind. A VPN from does exactly the same thing. It helps you worry less about having your data stolen or your activities monitored. A VPN gives you peace of mind so that you can enjoy the Internet the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

As more and more countries begin to redefine the role of ISP’s as guardians of digital information, the time to adopt VPN technology as a fundamental part of your Internet connectivity has come. You can click here to subscribe.

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