Using The Wrong Vpn Can Be Dangerous

Quite a few people understand the benefits of using a VPN. What many of them might not know is that choosing the wrong VPN can be even worse than using no VPN at all. Some services may increase your exposure to security threats. Here are some important things to consider when choosing your VPN provider.

Choosing the Wrong VPN is a Common Security Mistake

Browsing the Internet shouldn’t be so complicated. It should be as simple as making your connection and viewing your chosen websites without worrying about things like hackers stealing your personal information. In a perfect world you would never have to be concerned about harmful malware that websites could place on your computer.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Most people today recognize that some type of security is necessary for online browsing. Some of those who aren’t too computer savvy think that an anti-virus program will do the trick. Others rely on some type of firewall without really knowing what a firewall is and how it works. Still others believe that a malware remover will be suitable for protection. All of these are good measures, but none of them accomplish what a VPN can do for your personal security.

A VPN works by creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and the Internet. Any information that is passed along that tunnel is virtually indistinguishable to information thieves. A VPN can also help to conceal your physical location by replacing your IP address with that of your VPN provider. These are just a few of the measures VPNs help to safeguard your privacy.

It is a sad reality that all VPNs are not created equal. Nor do they have the same approaches to security. Some VPNs may even defeat the purpose of security by selling your information to third-party advertisers. Some may include malware and spyware. You should do your homework before choosing which provider you want to work with. Choosing the wrong VPN could be worse than having no VPN at all.

Steps to Finding a Good VPN

It pays to take a logical approach when choosing a VPN. There are many factors that good VPN services have in common. You want to tick off as many of these boxes as possible before you make your choice.

A good VPN will have a sound reputation. Do a Google search to see what information you can find about the provider. The company should have some degree of transparency about its operations, and there should not be an abundance of bad reviews online. You might also want to ask any friends which VPN they use and how they feel about it. If any red flags pop up, abandon the VPN and keep searching.

Ask yourself what standards you want in a VPN. Most people want a VPN that does not retain traffic logs of its users. Others want a VPN with many server options. Some want a VPN that does not rely on third-party advertising for income. You need to determine which of these standards are important to you and find a provider that meets them all.

It would also be very useful to make sure your VPN provider is in compliance with any existing government regulations. Some governments have taken a hard stance on VPNs, even going so far as to make their use illegal. You don’t want to choose a provider and pay for a year of service when there is a substantial threat that the company could be shut down.

Realize that you will have to pay for quality VPN service. There is no such thing as free when it comes to a VPN. If the VPN is not charging you for service, you are paying in other ways. Those other ways could be having your information sold to marketing companies or having adware placed on your device. It is possible, however, to find an affordable VPN like the one we offer at Affordable and free are two different things. There is no way around paying for a VPN if you want trustworthy service.

You also want your VPN to be a full-scale provider, offering encryption from top to bottom. Make sure they have the most recent security protocols in place and that they protect you at the maximum level. More servers in more locations means you’ll have better VPN service if you are an expat or do a lot of traveling.

Be Cautious With VPNs and BitTorrent

For some people it is very popular to use a VPN to access BitTorrent websites where media, music, software, porn, and other things are illegally downloaded. We’re not in a position to tell you how to browse the Internet. What you do is your business. What we will tell you is that VPNs which allow users to access BitTorrent websites are becoming increasingly rare. Simply put, it is not worth the risk to the VPN provider. If the provider is found to permit access to these sites, they could find themselves in legal trouble.

You might want to select a VPN that does not permit BitTorrent access. There is much less chance that you will have a problem. If this type of illegal downloading is your thing, it will probably be necessary for you to choose another method.

If you are ready to obtain quality VPN service at an affordable cost, check out the VPN plans offered by We have options for everyone, and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have about VPNs and how they can protect you.

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