Use a VPN to Unblock Pandora Radio Outside the U.S.

If you are a music lover then you probably use or have at least heard of Pandora radio. Available as an app on the Android and iOS operating systems as well as from Satellite providers like DISH Network, Pandora allows users to stream unlimited music while even customizing itself to reflect a user’s personal tastes. The drawback of Pandora is that, just like Netflix and some other media apps, it is only available to US users. If you want to access your Pandora account from an area outside of the US you will need to use a VPN.

A little about Pandora

We all know that the Internet and digital media has changed the way people listen to the radio. Before the days of streaming music you chose a station that appealed to your taste in music—country, rock, metal, alternative, etc.—and waited for the songs you like to come on. Pandora and similar media services changed all that by developing streaming platforms that customize the listening experience by letting users rate music and then using those ratings to create personalized playlists. It is very much like having your own personal radio station.

Pandora helped to create something known as the Music Genome Project when they entered the marker back in 2000. Pandora calls it “the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken.” The Music Genome Project algorithm analyzes every aspect of a song including melodies, instrumentation, harmonies, vocals, and lyrics. Users just enter in a favorite song and the platform goes to work finding other music with interesting similarities. If a song suggested by Pandora doesn’t fit your taste you can simply “tell” Pandora this and it will continue to refine your selections until the perfect radio station has been designed. Users can create up to 100 unique stations.

Pandora is a free service but the free version comes with ads. A premium version allows users to use the platform ad-free.

Pandora serves a limited audience

Just like Netflix and Hulu and a host of other digital media services, Pandora was created for users in the US. Although Pandora has recently expanded its reach to include countries like France, Denmark, and the UK, there are still only 14 countries where Pandora is available. In all other areas the service is blocked.

Pandora maintains control over who can access the service via IP-based restriction. These regional restrictions allow the Pandora platform to determine where you are when you access the service. If your IP address reveals that you are accessing the Internet from an area where Pandora is restricted then your access will be blocked.

Why you can and should use a VPN to unblock Pandora

If you happen to be traveling in an area outside of the 14-country service area of Pandora it is still possible to enjoy the media service by using a VPN from Our VPN basically renders your actual location anonymous by revealing only the IP address of the VPN server. Once you connect to our VPN you benefit from encryption and a new IP address. You can then access your Pandora account and it will appear that you are located in one of the Pandora service areas. We offer servers in the US, Germany, the UK and many other areas where Pandora may be accessed. Just choose one of those servers, connect, and you will be streaming music in no time at all.

You might be wondering, why can’t I just use one of the free web-based proxy servers available online to unblock Pandora? No one is saying that you can’t do that, but the first problem that you will encounter is that most free proxies do not have the speed capability to stream Pandora without those annoying jerky interruptions. Using our VPN results in minimal or no affect to your standard connection speed, giving you a higher quality stream.

Did you know that our VPN’s can also be used on most mobile devices? You don’t even need to download an app because your smartphone or tablet already has a VPN client installed. Just enter in the network credentials we provide right after your purchase and you’ll have several VPN server options to choose from on your device. This is important because most people use Pandora with their mobile device, namely an Android or iOS phone.

There is no need to leave your customized Pandora radio stations behind when you travel to an area where the service is restricted. can resolve all of those troubles and it takes only a few minutes to create your account.

3 Steps to use VPN


Sign upBuy an affordable VPN account.


ConnectConfigure the VPN on your device.


Enjoy VPNEnjoy the benefits of a VPN today.

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