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There is no getting around the fact that cryptocurrency is a hot commodity right now. Although many people dismissed it as a fad when it was created in 2009, Bitcoin has stood the test of time. New Bitcoin are still being mined, and many people have asked if a VPN can be used to mine crypto. It pays to be safe if you want to be involved with cryptocurrency.

What we will tell you upfront is that the cost of mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has pretty much been pushed beyond limits of profitability for a single individual. With repeated halvings, Bitcoin has become more costly to mine. There are substantial energy requirements, and no guarantee that you will succeed. Most mining today is essentially done by commercial mining farms.

With that being said, the question that we are trying to address here is how using a VPN relates to crypto mining. Let’s start with explaining why crypto mining or trading can make you a target.

Why Do Hackers Target Crypto Miners?

There were more than a few people who laughed at the idea of a decentralized digital currency when a simple whitepaper by a person using the name Satoshi Nakamoto proposed Bitcoin in 2009. The people who have since made a fortune from Bitcoin trading are the ones laughing now. Bitcoin and other crypto tokens are a genuine asset class. The price of a single Bitcoin passed $60,000 in 2021. Imagine the days when you could have bought the token for a few dollars.

With that kind of value, no one should be surprised that hackers attack those who try to mine, buy, or sell Bitcoin. They know that some individual miners try and use the same equipment they use for investing in crypto to browse the Internet. This creates a problem.

ISPs, mobile devices, and social media networks can be targets for any hackers wanting to try and gain access to a cryptocurrency wallet. While generally considered secure, wallets to hold cryptocurrency can come from a number of sources. One of these are the numerous exchanges that allow individuals to buy and sell tokens.

A VPN can be useful to help prevent others from spying on your online activities. It allows you to browse anonymously, so no one can really see that you are visiting websites like Coinbase or Kraken. On the other hand, if you start bragging on Facebook about the big Bitcoin trade you made there is little to prevent others from knowing that you probably use your device for crypto storage and investing.

What Are the Risks to Your System When Mining Cryptocurrency?

Here again we need to make the distinction between mining cryptocurrency and investing in crypto. The use of a personal computer for Bitcoin mining is simply no longer feasible. Those who mine crypto now use specialized mining rigs.

But, the crypto that is mined with a rig has to be deposited somewhere. That somewhere is a cryptocurrency wallet, which may or may not be maintained on your device. If someone knows that you mine that could make your device a target as someone tries to gain access to your crypto wallet.

There are ways around this. Some people prefer not to store cryptocurrency on a device. They use a wallet provided by an exchange, or they use a hardware wallet that essentially keeps the crypto stored offline.

When you go online without some type of protection, you are potentially giving someone access to your device. This is especially true if you are using unsecured networks. Using a VPN account gives you an added level of protection that goes beyond crypto. It also can help to keep all of your data safe, and it also covers your tracks when you are using the Internet.

The Blockchain Offers Security As Well

It should also be pointed out that blockchain technology is designed to be a more secure way of making financial transactions. There is no way to alter a block on a blockchain without changing the entire chain. This is one of the reasons that many people have pointed to Bitcoin as a more safe type of currency.

But the blockchain does not protect your device. It does not protect your mining rig from hacks and attempts to deliver malware. You still need protection for your device in the form of a VPN. It can be used on either your device or on your router to protect multiple devices.

Be Truthful and Address Your Weak Points

The start to making a good plan for your crypto mining security and general Internet privacy is to evaluate your weak points and take action. Are you sharing too much personal information on Facebook about crypto mining and investing? Are you using unsecured public WiFi? Do others share your home network? You need to be able to address all these potential privacy issues.

A VPN from is an affordable way to browse anonymously. We have a vast network of servers throughout the world. There are also many other benefits that come from using a VPN. You can unblock restricted content while you are traveling abroad, bank more securely, and even use your gaming console with privacy.

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