Using a USA VPN in the USA

American VPN A USA VPN server can be very helpful in unblocking restricted websites in other countries, accessing local news and television programming abroad, and streaming media from Netflix. Truthfully, this is the reason many people use a US-based server. More and more individuals, however, are beginning to appreciate the benefits of using a VPN in the US.

VPN’s provide much more than just a way to evade geographical blocks by changing your IP address. Chief among these added benefits are the layers of security a USA VPN provides.

Who is watching you online?

When George Orwell wrote 1984, his futuristic novel about an oppressive totalitarian government, he knew nothing about the Internet. He would probably be very surprised to find that the Internet has begun to typify the restriction of freedom described in the book.

Those who surfed the Internet back in its infancy during the early to middle 1990’s will recall a Wild West atmosphere online. People tossed around personal information and surfed websites without any concern over who could be observing their activities. All of that has changed today.

Whenever you surf the Internet on an unsecured connection, like the ones you will find at the coffee shop or a hotel, your data is potentially being exposed to a plethora of individuals. The reasons for snooping online activity are as varied as those who do the snooping. At this very moment your browsing could be being tracked by:

  • The government. Four hijacked planes and a handful of boxcutters changed the entire world on 9/11. Since that time, the government has invested millions of dollars into elaborate monitoring programs that are designed to snoop Internet and mobile phone activity.
  • Your spouse. Internet love affairs have become one of the primary reasons for divorce throughout the world, and even spouses who have nothing to be concerned about are snooping the email and text messages of their partners because this has become such a part of the current culture.
  • Data thieves. They have gotten smarter and more ruthless as Wi-Fi hotspots have popped up across the US. See that guy in the suit sitting on the other side of the coffee shop? He could be stealing your data right this minute if your are using unsecured Wi-Fi.

Stopping the snoopers when surfing the web

How do you beat the snoopers? Your USA VPN can help you do that by encrypting your browsing session. A VPN allows you to become somewhat invisible online. You can move among the highways of cyberspace largely undetected when using a VPN like a cyberghost.

Encryption is deadly to a snoop. It basically transforms all of the data you send back and forth across the network into a string of random gibberish. When a snoop encounters an encrypted connection, their only option is to find another target.

Safety-conscious people are beginning to understand that using a VPN at home is just as beneficial as using one abroad. Buy your VPN account today to be protected.

3 Steps to use VPN


Sign upBuy an affordable VPN account.


ConnectConfigure the VPN on your device.


Enjoy VPNEnjoy the benefits of a VPN today.

Get a VPN Account

Connect & Enjoy: Internet Freedom, Privacy & security. Purchase your VPN today!

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