Unsecured Public Network For Internet Access?

A recent report indicates that more than half of regular Internet users may still be using unsecured public WiFi without the benefit of a VPN. It would seem to be common sense at this point, but some people still don’t recognize the threat of public WiFi. Here’s a closer look at the recent study and how it should influence your own Internet activity.

56% of People Unprotected Without a VPN

The study in question was reported by TechRadar. According to the study, 56% of people do not use a VPN when connected to public WiFi. According to the same study, as many as 41% don’t use VPN at all. The study was conducted among a random group of 1,000 participants.

While the study sample is certainly small when compared to the total number of Internet users in the world, it still sheds some light on the overall attitudes of many people toward unsecured networks. They have been conditioned to either accept the risks or else convinced that the risks of personal damage are small.

This is dangerous footing. In presenting the study, TechRadar began by addressing the number of individuals that travel at the holidays. It was stated that the majority of the travelers are forced to depend upon public WiFi at some point. They encounter these networks while traveling and have not prepared themselves by obtaining a VPN. Some probably deem it an inconvenience to try and set up VPN service. After all, what can such limited activity as checking email or social media do.

The Reality of Not Using a VPN

No matter what anyone wants you to think, in 2023 it is still a dangerous practice to avoid using a VPN when you are using public WiFi. Hackers and identity thieves are still hard at work, and they target these types of networks because access is often easy.

In fact, some hackers have started using novel ways to entice connections to their own networks. Using portable hotspots and other devices, the thieves will create a network called Free_Airport_Internet or something similar. They will broadcast the name of the unsecured network and wait for individuals to connect. You would be surprised how many times this has lured someone into a bad situation where their personal information has been compromised.

The cost of protecting yourself with a VPN is much more affordable than having your identity stolen. You can save money on your VPN when you prepay for service in yearly increments. VPN Accounts may also have other deals from time to time that will help lower the cost of VPN service.

Travelers, Expats, and VPN Benefits

We know for a fact that a large number of travelers and expats do not need to be convinced of how important it is to use a VPN on public WiFi. This is a primary way that those abroad access the Internet. Even domestic travelers are prone to use the WiFi in their hotel or a local coffee shop while they are on trips to visit family.

The expat has long known that there are other benefits to using a VPN that go way beyond the basic security and anonymity the service provides. VPNs can also be useful in accessing web content that is often restricted by location.

If you are from the US you might find that access to your Netflix abroad is restricted. In that case, you would need to connect from a US server supplied by your VPN. This will generally restore your access. The same can be said for social media sites, search sites, and other web apps that you may regularly use. It can be depressing to arrive in a foreign country and find out that your access to a preferred messaging app is denied.

VPNs Are Still Relevant in 2023

One thing that this shows us is that VPNs are still an important part of Internet security in 2023. It is somehow hard to imagine that most people still don’t recognize their usefulness.

Why have VPNs remained such a core part of a good online security plan? It is because they work. The VPN creates an encrypted flow of traffic, making it impossible for prying eyes to snoop your online activity or your data.

Even better, VPNs are affordable. You should always stick with a paid VPN. Free services are often homes for spyware and other threats that you are trying to avoid. Here at VPN Accounts we work hard to keep our prices modest so that everyone can afford a VPN for their device. See our VPN plans!

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