unbiased news sources 

unbiased news sources

Finding unbiased news sources today can be a challenge. Fake news has become a genuine problem in our society, and people question if the press can be trusted. Neutral news sources are important for keeping the populace informed. In some countries unbiased news sites are blocked and a VPN can help.

Here is a closer look at the issues encountered in a search for unbiased news sources. We will also rank a few of the sources which enjoy the greatest levels of trust.

The Rise of Fake News

In the United States a free press has long been considered nothing short of a pillar of democracy. The Founding Fathers even made provisions for freedom of the press in America’s constitution. It might be fair to say that Americans often take the importance of unbiased news sources for granted.

In some other nations the government can be antagonistic to members of the press. In others, news sources are completely controlled by the state. In environments like this, reporters often turn to a VPN and encrypted technology to make sure neutral news sources are preserved. Some underground news sites can be accessed with a VPN and the reporters are able to get their stories out.

Consider the Hong Kong protests of recent years. Journalists in Hong Kong were forced to find ways to evade Chinese censorship. These reporters were also tasked with presenting an unbiased view of what was happening in Hong Kong, a view often at odds with Chinese reports.

The term “fake news” rose to incredible heights in the wake of the 2016 United States Presidential election and the four years that followed. According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2022, just 7% of Americans have a great deal of trust and confidence in the media.

Using Biased News to Spread Propaganda

Unbiased news sources may be getting a lot of attention in recent years, but the corruption of neutral news sources has been a problem throughout the 20th century. Governments often attempt to control media during times of unrest in order to present propaganda.

In World War II the Axis powers were using newspapers and other new sources to try and convince the German people that the war was a success. In reality, the Allies were making significant progress in their attempt to topple Hitler. Egypt, Iraq, China, North Korea, and even the United States have been known to try and manipulate news sources to establish an advantage over other nations.

Which brings to mind the question, how does one preserve access to unbiased news sources? You may be forced to do as others do. A VPN can be used when you are traveling abroad or working in a foreign country to gain access to reliable news outlets. You can even appear to be accessing the Internet from your own country when you use a VPN.

How to Find Unbiased News Sources

We should begin here by saying that there is no such thing as a truly unbiased news source. News companies are owned by individuals. Individuals have personal views and even agendas. Even reporters feel certain ways about political matters and even politicians.

While it would be nice to expect unbiased behavior from these individuals, it is unrealistic. Just as the personal views of Rupert Murdoch have influenced the reporting of Fox News through the years, the same has surely happened at CNN, NBC, and other news outlets on occasion.

You can sometimes vet the news sources that you choose by watching a sample of the programming. Does the network tend to feature reporters that are known supporters of a specific political party? What tone is adopted for the popular evening talk shows? The good news is that today very little effort is made to hide the preferences of some news networks.

There are also plenty of fact-checking websites out there which will aid you in finding neutral news sources. Take your time and do your homework.

Four Good Unbiased News Sources

There are four major news outlets which come to mind when one thinks of a lack of bias. These are AP (the Associated Press), Reuters, NPR (National Public Radio), and BBC News.

All of the above news outlets have websites where you can follow the news of the day. The AP website reaches some 41.9 million unique visitors every month. As a result, the AP is regularly fact-checked by independent researchers as well as its competitors.

Likewise, Reuters is an established news agency which used to focus on providing news for print media. Today, the company has its own website and even its own streaming media news channel. A little over 68 million people depend upon Reuters for unbiased news.

National Public Radio has over 80 million visitors each month, and it is considered to be a centrist news network. Some recent criticisms have branded certain NPR hosts as left-leaning, but this has been proven false.

Finally, the BBC has made itself into one of the world’s most trusted news networks thanks to its unbiased reporting. 518 million monthly unique visitors to the BBC website can’t be wrong. Based in the UK, the BBC also has bureaus in the United States and other countries.

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