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Recent proposals by the British government and an increased number of British expats are making a UK VPN a necessity. VPN usage is on the upswing in the UK, and for good reason. Those who use the Web at home and abroad are becoming more concerned about their lack of Internet freedom. Buy a UK vpn, bypass censorship and restrictions.

To begin, British expats in the United Arab Emirates alone number well over 100,000. The total number of British expats around the world is estimated to be somewhere around 5 million individuals, and the number is growing. These expats work in the US, China, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, and a host of other countries. Many use it to watch BBC iPlayer while travelling.

In some areas, like the US, British workers aren’t exposed to a lot of Internet censorship. In others, like China, it can be impossible for a UK resident to use many of the basic Web services they can use at home. In addition, VoIP services like Skype may be unavailable, and this affects an expat’s ability to communicate with friends and family at home in an economic way. These are some of the reasons why a UK VPN is a must for British expats.

Most of those who will be leaving the UK on business are wise enough to purchase their VPN service from before they leave. It can be difficult in some areas to access provider websites. Unfortuately, this is something many companies don’t tell their employees beforehand.

The UK government has also taken aim domestically at pornographic websites, stating that a full ban on these websites may be imminent. This has led many people to question their level of Internet freedom in the UK. A lot of these people have started making the transition to a VPN for their server requirements. Using a VPN in the UK is seen by many as a preemptive strike before other digital access becomes compromised.

So far, the UK has not ended up on any watchlists which monitor Internet censorship, and it probably won’t. There is a climate of tolerance in the UK towards the Internet. But, for some, the benefits of using a VPN now outweigh any hesitation they may have had in the past about protecting their security and anonymity, or unblocking restricted websites in other locales.

One reason the decision to use a VPN is easier made today is that the pricing of a quality UK VPN has been dramatically lowered in recent years, and the technology that powers these encrypted means of Internet access is far more advanced than it was even two years ago. Once the realm of businesses and government agencies, secured networks are now possible for the average citizen through VPN technology. Buy your UK VPN here before travelling just in case the site is blocked.

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