UAE: Google and YouTube refuse to participate in the censorship

The United Arab Emirates recently requested that Google and YouTube censor search results within their country. UAE authorities want to persuade YouTube and Google to participate in their countries censorship efforts, but were met with a ” Google and YouTube will not and have no plans to censor their search results according to the UAE censorship regulations. “

According to the Doha Centre’s information, the police had officially asked Google and YouTube to “restrict content that is pornographic, mocks religions, strengthens atheism, promotes new religions, fosters a feeling of insecurity or is unsuitable for young children.”

“Contrary to false reports, no censorship plan was drawn up”, the California based Google said in a statement. It had no intention of censoring results from its search engine and its subsidiary YouTube

Google and YouTube want overseas countries to understand the polices surrounding their products. They are not a governing body and do not take part in censorship regulations of other countries.

The censorship proposals are comprised of a list of 500 keywords that the Dubai police deemed as inappropriate and harmful. Google denied the proposal. This censorship request was aimed at protecting the eyes of young people within the country

The controversy is between the Doha Centre and the Dubai Police. The Doha Centre believes that pornography is a legitimate right for people to view on the internet, but the Dubai Police have a different standpoint on the matter entirely. They are opposed to pornographic material, and requested such content be blocked. A vpn connection would allow you to access blocked sites

The Doha Centre further commented that there are a multitude of services available to protect young people from pornographic and anti-religious materials. Google is no doubt wondering why parents are not required to shield their children’s eyes from obscene and questionable content, instead of relying on a government authority to do it for them.

Google and YouTube refuse requests to censor the content from their end, and now the controversy is between the Dubai Police and the Doha Centre. Some sort of action can be taken that will allow both sides to be happy. If no censorship assistance is provided by Google and YouTube, they will be forced to handle whatever they decide to do internally.

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