The Best Ways To Use Your Vpn In 2019

Here we are in 2019 and a VPN is still one of the best ways that you can increase your online privacy and security. Today a VPN is even more relevant because there are all sorts of devices being connected to the Internet. Gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players, and devices that are designed to stream media are more popular then ever and most of them are compatible with a VPN. Here are some creative ways to use your VPN in 2019.

Bypassing an IP Block

There are times when an individual might find themselves blocked by a certain website or web service that they enjoy. This happens a lot on forums and other platforms where individuals are allowed to make posts and share their opinions. The problem with these platforms is that moderators have a lot of control. Anger one of them and you could find yourself blocked.

With a VPN you could still enjoy the site by creating a new account while connected to the VPN. Your IP address will be replaced by the IP address of the VPN server. Problem solved. It should be noted that some web services are able to distinguish residential IP address from those used by VPNs, so always check the policies of the service you are using.

Getting Around Throttling

In today’s world streaming media is huge. Millions of people watch YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and other media providers. The thing is that these services use a lot of bandwidth and ISPs know it. It was reported in 2015 that Netflix was accounting for as much as 37% of all Internet traffic, and that number has probably gone up.

Some individuals streaming media in France found that their ISP was throttling their connection speeds when they were streaming YouTube videos. They were able to fix this issue by using a VPN to connect.  What you must be sure of here is that your VPN is of good enough quality that the difference in speed when you connect to it is virtually nonexistent.

Watch Free Streaming TV While You Travel

VPNs have always been big among people that travel the world on a regular basis. Geographical restrictions of various websites can be encounters in places like China where all major social media platforms are banned. In the Middle East some dating websites and applications may be blocked. But there is another type of restriction that doesn’t really involve blocking by a country. Some media providers restrict their services to specific countries.

For example, let’s say that you are traveling and want to watch one of your favorite programs on the History Channel. You find that you cannot access streaming media from History abroad because the channel restricts access. That is no problem for the VPN user. Just connect to the VPN and choose a US server. You’ll be able to enjoy all the local programming that you desire.

Shopping Online From a Foreign Location

Another creative way to use your VPN in 2019 in a foreign country is to access your favorite shopping websites. Many shopping sites do not allow business from outside their own home country, so you may find yourself unable to even access the website when you travel. Again, the handy feature of a VPN changing your IP address will be very useful. Just connect and select the server from your own country. Access is restored.

Play Online Poker

Many people like to play online poker or other gambling games online for real money. The problem is that some countries such as the US do not allow legalized online poker. Granted, this is changing a little. Some states have taken it upon themselves to legalize online poker and others are sure to follow. In the meantime you can use a VPN to access poker sites like PokerStars if you live in the US.

You simply create an account while you are connected to a VPN server from a country where online poker is legal. You can then use the VPN and that server to connect to the poker site without trouble. Just be aware that some poker sites may require you to verify your identity with documents that prove you are in a legal jurisdiction.

Access Cheap Airline Tickets

Let’s say that you are in a foreign country and decide that you would like to purchase airline tickets from your favorite airline, Southwest. This airline is known for very affordable fares. You will quickly find out that accessing the Southwest website is forbidden outside of the US.

That’s okay. Just turn to your VPN and choose the US server for a connection. Your access to the Southwest website will be restored so that you can take advantage of all those affordable fares.

All of these reasons prove that a VPN is still relevant in 2019. You even have more ways to use a VPN creatively in 2019 than ever before. Contact us today to get your own VPN service.

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