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Global Netflix With A Vpn

As of April 2014 digital media giant Netflix was operating in a total of 41 countries around the world with a subscriber base of more than 50 million, but users of the service are still subject to some programming restrictions that leave many wondering if it is possible to enjoy global Netflix with a VPN….

Internet Freedom in Russia

A recent poll reveals some interesting things about the Internet in Russia. More than half of all Russians are now using the Internet on a weekly basis. That might not sound like a big deal, but stop and consider that in 2006 fewer than 10% of Russians surfed the Web with any type of frequency….

Internet freedom in India

India enjoys a high level of Internet freedom, but state surveillance is practiced by the government and a very selective form of blocking is employed to prevent users from accessing objectionable content. You might not think of India as a repressive country, but if you happen to be traveling there you will find that much…