VPN Download – Is it Necessary to Download a VPN?

No Download VPNOne of the biggest misconceptions about private Internet browsing is that a VPN download is required in order to start using the service. This is incorrect, and you don’t need to download a VPN at all. Let’s take a closer look and clear up some common fallacies about private Internet access and how it works.

You already have VPN software

The reason you don’t need to download a VPN is because the device you are using is pre-loaded with a VPN client that will allow you to set up your network with just a few clicks.

If you are using any of the modern operating systems like Windows 7 or the latest version of the Mac, your VPN software is already installed and ready to be configured. Let’s say you are using Windows 7. Open up your Network and Sharing Center and you will see a tab that allows you to configure a new network. There is an option there which will allow you to set up a VPN network. It’s the same on your Android phone or iPhone. Your tablet also has a VPN client that does not require a VPN download. Even Linux users will find a VPN client preinstalled on the latest version of their preferred distro.

Pretty much every device that is currently sold has a built-in VPN client, so to make this clear: you do not need a VPN download to access a Virtual Private Network like the one we offer. Simply click here to buy a vpn account subscription. 

What you need is a VPN Account

The VPN software on your computer or Internet-ready device is not a standalone VPN. This is where many people get confused. The VPN client only gives you the framework to run a VPN on your device. To use it you must purchase a VPN account and configure your client with the credentials supplied by your VPN provider.

Does it sound confusing? It really isn’t difficult at all. What you are paying your VPN provider for is the service. You already have the software necessary to use the service. This actually simplifies the process and eliminates the need for you to download a VPN from the Internet.

Whenever you hear people talking about a VPN you’ll often hear them incorrectly state that you need to download software in order to use a private network for various purposes. Let’s take a look at a few things which do not require a VPN download:

Downloading a VPN is not required to watch US TV Networks

If you are a United States citizen traveling or working abroad, one of the first things you may have noticed is that a lot of American networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and others are blocked because of a geo-restriction. When you start asking around about how to remove this restriction, people might say that you “need to download a VPN.”

This is incorrect. When you purchase a VPN from our site you do not need to download anything. We supply all of the information you need to configure your VPN client so that you can bypass geo-restrictions and start enjoying your local programming on the road. Geo-restriction is mostly accomplished by means of identifying your location through your IP address, and a VPN can make it appear that you are accessing the Internet from the US.

A VPN download is not required to unblock Skype

There are many areas of the world in which Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, and other communications networks are blocked. You may have been told that downloading a VPN will unblock these services, but that is technically wrong.

Unblocking Skype and similar services is possible with a VPN that does not require a download. Once you have entered your network credentials and configured your VPN client, all you need to do is connect to the VPN and your access to these blocked services will be restored.

Downloading a VPN is not necessary to avoid censorship

An increasing number of countries are stepping up their efforts at Internet surveillance and censorship. This has prompted more people to search Google for ways to secure their privacy online. Unfortunately, some of the Google results can be misleading by suggesting that you need a VPN download to maintain anonymity. All you need to do is follow a VPN setup guide to configure your device.

We’ve shown you through numerous examples that this is not the case. So, to reiterate what we have explained in this article, let’s recap:

  • A VPN download is not something you need to use a VPN
  • Your computer or Internet-ready device already has a VPN client installed
  • To use your VPN client you must have a VPN account.
  • Configuring your VPN client is very simple and takes only a matter of minutes.
  • Once your VPN client is configured you will be able to connect to your VPN and enjoy the enhanced security a VPN provides.

Don’t let some common misconceptions about downloading a VPN stop you from using the services we provide.

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