VPN Switzerland – The Haven of Secrecy

switzerlandvpn Switzerland has had a reputation for years as a haven of secrecy, and a VPN Switzerland carries on the country’s tradition of protecting freedom and privacy. For those who are looking to use a VPN to browse anonymously, using a VPN server in Switzerland is a great choice.

At VPN-accounts.com, we proudly offer a VPN server in the world’s most famous haven for privacy and freedom.

The Origins of Swiss Secrecy

Swiss secrecy originally began in the Swiss banking industry. Can you believe that the first bank secrecy laws in Switzerland can be traced back to 1713 and the Great Council of Geneva? At this council, regulations were implemented which required bankers to keep registers but prohibited them from sharing any information with anyone other than the client. This type of confidentiality actually paved the way for privacy in many areas of life, including medical records.

Today, the VPN Switzerland operates on many of the basic principles set forth so long ago but takes privacy a step farther. Browsing data is secured, and, even better, no logs are kept. You can use your Swiss VPN with complete confidence and remain anonymous online.

The Banking Act of 1934 took secrecy in Switzerland to a new level by making it a criminal offense to divulge client’s information. Bankers could be prosecuted for revealing information. This opened up the door for many foreign clients whose dealings were not always pure. The strict climate of Swiss secrecy would continue until 1995.

Big changes in Switzerland

In 1995, pressured by foreign governments, Switzerland’s bankers initiated an investigation to uncover dormant Swiss bank accounts and heirless assets. This has changed the way many bankers in Switzerland permit the opening of new accounts.

The good news is that, while the legendary Swiss bank account may be a thing of the past, the Switzerland VPN is not. VPN’s have become the new face of privacy in Switzterland, offering users a measure of online anonymity and personal Internet freedom. There are no restrictions on using a Swiss VPN, and the cost is very affordable. Buy VPN, and be free of internet restrictions and censorship.

The Benefits of using a VPN in Switzerland

  • Anonymous browsing via a Swiss IP address. Your actual IP address is concealed when you use your VPN, making it nigh impossible to pinpoint your true geographical location.
  • Liberal Internet access. Switzerland is very liberal where the Internet is concerned, meaning that surfers will not encounter too many blocked websites.
  • Protection of private data. The Swiss server, like all other servers we offer, encypts data with the latest technology.
  • Watch swiss TV abroad

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