Opening Blocked Sites in UAE

Over the years we have received many testimonials and a handful of the customers took their time to really write and share their stories. We decided it would be best to make them public. So here is the first one we decided to post from a user about opening blocked sites in uae:

I am a professional basketball coach and I have traveled the world extensively as a player and coach. Before the Internet, I had a difficult time keeping in touch with people at home. Phone calls were expensive and mail would arrive months late. The Internet solved these problems with email and video teleconferencing. Life in Dubai, however; is like living in the communications past due to its strict Internet censorship law. Thankfully, there is a way around this little issue for the resourceful Internet user.


Etisalat and du both Blocked websites in UAE. I learned of the censorship the first time I tried to unsuccessfully visit Skype. I love Skype since it is a convenient way to stay in touch with my friends, family and former players. My service provider at the time was Etisalat, so I switched to du. I had no luck with them either. Since Etisalat and du are the main players on the Internet service provider scene, I decided the ISP was not the cause of Skype’s failure to open. I asked a player at one of my camps why I could not get on Skype and he laughed and explained that it was due to the strict filtering that the UAE places on Internet users. He told me that Flickr has been blocked on and off. I also discovered that it was not possible to visit adult dating sites to meet local or ex-patriot women. Many blogs are blocked too since they can be critical of the government.


Finding a Solution for Blocked Sites in UAE. My son came to visit me after I was in Dubai for three months. He is technologically savvy and told me that I needed to download VPN software for my computer to bypass UAE’s IP based filtering. He tried a few sites from my computer in Dubai but had no luck since they too are filtered and blocked by the government. My son is resourceful though, so he simply called his friend in the United States who visited and established my account. The process was fast and simple and my son had the VPN connection online within a matter of ten minutes from the start of the call. Blocked sites in UAE are no longer a problem for me! I am back on Skype and adult dating sites and I am absolutely loving my time in the UAE!

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