Using a VPN for Online Privacy

vpn for online privacy Are you using a VPN for online privacy? You may not realize it, but a VPN from is one of the most reliable methods for staying anonymous online. If you are trying to preserve your online privacy, the first step in eliminating a trail that someone can follow is to anonymize your browsing data.

Why do you want online privacy?

Let’s just get the heart of the matter out in the open: why do you want to remain anonymous online? It’s okay, be honest with yourself. We won’t tell. Our guess is that your reason might be one of the following:

  • You’re pretending to be someone you’re not. Now, wait. We don’t mean that you’re doing anything illegal. We mean the kind of pretending you do on a dating or social web site. Let’s face it, there are lots of people who use the Internet this way. They can become anyone they want to be. A skinny guy can become a muscular hunk. An average-looking woman can become a bombshell. It’s all harmless fantasy for most folks, and if that’s your thing then more power to you. But did you know that if you aren’t taking measures to safeguard your online privacy with a VPN you could risk exposing your real email address, your real location, and lots of other data that can be used to identify the real you? It’s all harmless fantasy until the person you’ve been chatting with discovers your real identity and starts harassing you on Facebook, or worse, finds out you have a spouse and sends them chat logs.


  • You’re looking at porn. Once again, we aren’t here to judge. The fact is, online porn is a big business. A recent survey found that 67% of men and 49 % of women said that viewing porn is an acceptable way to express one’s sexuality. Unfortunately, your employer or spouse might not think it is so acceptable. People have gotten divorced because their spouse found out they were viewing porn and employees have been fired for looking at it on the company network. If you aren’t anonymizing your browsing, someone could tie you to porn websites with your IP address. Yikes!


  • You’re gambling. April 15, 2011 is a day that will always be remembered by online poker players as Black Friday. On that day, an indictment against the major online poker services like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker was unsealed and these websites were shut down in the United States. Many full-time online poker pros moved overseas to continue playing. With a VPN, you can access some poker websites from the US and conceal your actual physical location. In 2011, 27500 U.S. Customer had their accounts frozen to the criminal case against the poker rooms. Millions of dollars frozen, 76 million to be precise and recently (feb 2014) the court ordered for the money to be paid out to the customers  .. source


  • You’re don’t trust “The Man”. A lot of people don’t like the idea that the government might be snooping around in their private business. A January 27, 2014 article by Fox News reported that the NSA was using technology to spy on the data collected by Angry Birds and other Play Store apps! Imagine playing a harmless game and having your age, location, sex, and all kinds of other data collected by a government spy agency. Well, if you are using an unsecured Internet connection you could be at risk of being snooped. Your ISP is most likely logging all of your Internet activity. When you use a VPN there is no logging of your data. You might also want to check out our info on setting up a VPN on your smartphone before you throw that next Angry Bird.


The right to use a VPN Account

Here’s another important truth to consider: it really doesn’t matter why you’re using a VPN for online privacy. It is your right to do so. There is no law which prohibits your effort to anonymize your web browsing.

No one can force you to make your data available to anyone who wants to take a peek, and trying to do that would be highly impractical. Even governments who try to snoop can’t deny that preventing someone from using a VPN would be a basic violation of the right to privacy. Your right to use a VPN contributes to your overall online safety. Exercise it.

The time has come to disappear online

Have you ever noticed how when you browse a certain item on Amazon or another online shopping site that all of a sudden ads for the thing you looked at start popping up on your Facebook page? Mmmm. Wonder how that happened?

Companies like Scorecard Research pay websites to implant tracking cookies on your device that then transmit your consumer preferences to other companies like Facebook and Google. Everything is connected. That’s why it’s called the WEB. When you visit a site over here, you send data to a site over there.

With all of the marketing mayhem happening these days the time has come to disappear online & become a cyber ghost. You can do that using VPN accounts. Some people think complete anonymity on the Internet is a thing of the past, but it can still be accomplished by using a VPN for online privacy.

3 Steps to use VPN


Sign upBuy an affordable VPN account.


ConnectConfigure the VPN on your device.


Enjoy VPNEnjoy the benefits of a VPN today.

Get a VPN Account

Connect & Enjoy: Internet Freedom, Privacy & security. Purchase your VPN today!

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