New Survey Shows Why People Choose a VPN

There are many reasons why people choose a VPN for Internet browsing. Some people need a VPN to unblock websites that restricted based on geographical location. Some want to know that their browsing history is kept private. All are valid reasons, but there may be one reason that is more important that the others. Security.

A new survey shows that 50% of VPN users choose a virtual private network because they believe it increases their online security. Is this accurate. Can a VPN provide better security against threats like hackers, malware, and spyware. Let’s take a look at how VPNs relate to improved security and why you might want to consider joining the 50% of security-conscious VPN users.

Internet Users are Concerned

The survey in question was conducted by one of the major VPN providers. They asked respondents why they chose to use a VPN for their browsing. Half of those who responded to the survey cited the simple word “security” as their primary reason.

Security can mean different things to different people. When it comes to surfing the Internet, though, most people think about security in terms of protecting themselves against intrusion. They are concerned that others will observe their personal data or the websites they are looking at. People want to know that their Internet activities are private.

You could perhaps equate privacy with security in the minds of most people. Anyone that has had their privacy violated feels like their security has been compromised. But where the difference comes in is that not feeling safe prompts people to take action. In this case, that action is purchasing VPN service.

Some VPN Users May Not Be Secure

Another problem that is called to mind by this survey are the millions of individuals who think they are being protected by a VPN when they are not. We’re mainly speaking of those who choose to use a free VPN provider instead of purchasing a plan. Free VPN service isn’t free. Users often pay in the form of having their preferences sold to advertising companies. They may also have to contend with ads that deliver harmful spyware to devices.

There are multiple advantages to using a paid VPN service like the one offered by One of these are a greater number of server locations for the user. This can be very helpful for those who find themselves traveling for work throughout the world. In many locations web services and websites are restricted. VPNaccounts recently reported on how individuals are not able to access Southwest Airlines outside of the United States. Netflix is another example. Skype is blocked in a large number of countries.

A paid VPN will also provide more service should you encounter a problem. Free VPN services don’t really seem to care if you are having connection issues. There attitude is that you are getting it for free anyway so why complain?

What is Your Reason for Using a VPN?

At we would be curious to know your own reason for using a VPN. We think that each person should ask themselves what their reasons are before making the decision to purchase. In our thinking we believe that the answer of many people will not be the same as the 50% survey takers who said they use a VPN for privacy.

We believe that the most common reason for using a VPN is an awareness that browsing without some type of encrypted protection can be dangerous in our world today. It is accepted today more than ever before that the Internet is a place of risk when used unwisely. Don’t be one of those who has their security compromised. Purchase a VPNAccounts VPN plan today.

3 Steps to use VPN


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ConnectConfigure the VPN on your device.


Enjoy VPNEnjoy the benefits of a VPN today.

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Connect & Enjoy: Internet Freedom, Privacy & security. Purchase your VPN today!

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