Why do you Need Multiple VPN Server Locations?

VPN server If you’re reading this then you are probably already one of our many satisfied VPN account holders. Or, maybe you are trying to find the right VPN provider for your needs. In your search for VPN service you will encounter a lot of companies that make a lot of promises, so it is important that you use some due diligence and choose your provider wisely.

One of the things you need to heavily consider is the number of server options that come with your VPN account. As you will see, VPN-accounts.com offers multiple server options to our users. There is no need to purchase access to individual servers. We make them all available to you for one affordable price.

What are VPN server options?

A VPN connection is established through a special VPN server that is located in a specific geographical area. Whenever you connect to the VPN, your IP address becomes that of the VPN server. This means that your actual physical location becomes masked by the physical location of the VPN server. If you are browsing from the United States and connect to a VPN server in the UK, it will appear that you are accessing the Internet from the United Kingdom. If you happen to be an expat in China and connect to the VPN server in the US, your physical location will appear to be in the States.

There are many articles on our website which discuss how geo-restriction is used to block access to certain websites in certain countries. Your VPN server options give you added flexibility in avoiding these geo blocks by providing multiple locations for you to choose from.

More servers are important for Expats

Are you one of those fortunate people who are able to work in various locations around the globe? Perhaps your business finds you often shuttling between the UK and the Arab Region. Maybe you find it necessary to make multiple trips outside of your home country each year. As an expatriate, you want to make sure that your VPN service opens up the entire Internet to you wherever you may roam.

VPNaccounts has implemented multiple servers in order to cater to a wide number of expats and foreign travelers. Our server options are perfect for reporters who must travel on a moment’s notice, oil industry workers who visit several nations each year, or even service organization volunteers who never know where their latest assignment will take them. Businessmen and women are often compelled to travel many different locales, and we have them covered.

Different countries take different approaches to which Internet content they restrict. You may find it necessary to view the BBC iPlayer in one context or use Amazon Prime to stream a television program in another. With multiple server options, the entire Internet opens up to you regardless of where you happen to be.

VPNaccounts.com server options

Here are the VPN server options we currently have in place to meet your VPN needs:

  • United States—Great for using your Netflix and Hulu accounts abroad.
  • United Kingdom—Frees up your access to iPlayer and other BBC content.
  • CanadaRemove the restriction on CBC Player content and get local news and programming from your homeland.
  • Germany—An excellent choice for those who like to browse anonymously.
  • Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland—more great choices for individuals who hail from these locales.

We also are always taking into account the needs of our VPN customers. If you require a specific server option for your VPN that you do not see listed above, we are always open to your suggestions. You can feel free to request a new server location. If the demand for a VPN server in this location is present, we will make every effort to add it to our list of VPN server options.

Don’t get locked in to limited VPN choices

Before you make that commitment of purchasing a VPN account, ask the VPN service provider how many server options they offer. You will likely find that many of the VPN services out there charge more than we do for fewer server options. Some of them only offer servers within one country. While this can be useful in a limited context for those who simply want to browse anonymously at home, it won’t work for many people.

In addition, using multiple servers to make your VPN connection makes your Internet activities more difficult to monitor and track. With all of the recent news about Internet surveillance, the wise choice is to use a variety of servers to Web surf.

Each of our server options offers the highest levels of data encryption. Whichever of our VPN servers you use to connect, you can be certain that your data is protected at all times. Get a VPN, we have over 43 location to connect to!

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