If you are a fan of emulators then you are probably familiar with Bluestacks. Some misconceptions about the platform have led to people to ask hard questions about the integrity of Bluestacks? Is Bluestacks safe? Let’s read on and find out.

What is Bluestacks?

As we mentioned above, Bluestacks is an Android emulator. An emulator is a program that will allow you to run Android apps on your computer. Emulators are available for both the PC and the MAC. As you might imagine, this type of software is most popular among those who like to play popular Android mobile phone games.

Another thing emulators are used for is messenger apps. Messenger, WhatsApp, and the popular Discord server are accessible this way for some users. Those who like Bluestacks and similar apps tend to be passionate about their devotion.

The Safety of Bluestacks for Windows and MAC

It is not uncommon for a piece of software to face security concerns. This is true concerning Bluestacks. The good news is that Bluestacks when downloaded from the official sources is perfectly safe to use.

Bluestacks does make it clear that downloading the software from unauthorized sources is not recommended. These applications may contain malware or spyware to your computer. They may also cause your antivirus program to trigger a false positive when using Bluestacks or trying to install it on your computer.

It is a requirement to disable your antivirus program when installing the program to your computer. This also has caused some people to state security concerns. The truth is that this only a temporary adjustment. You can enable antivirus protection once again when the installation is complete.

What Bluestacks is Not – Common Myths

The security and safety question is not the only misconception when it comes to Bluestacks. There seem to be myths about what the software is and what it can do.

For starters, Bluestacks does not slow down your computer. Yes, the program uses resources that draw upon the memory of your device. This is true of all software programs to some degree. A lot of this depends upon the specs of your systems. Older systems may perform slower than newer computers with more memory and better graphics cards. Is Bluestacks legit? Yes. And it does not inherently slow down your computer.

Others believe that Bluestacks collects and sells user data. This is not what the app was created for. The only data collection that the software claims to collect is that supplied willingly by users about app performance.

Finally, Bluestacks is not a cryptocurrency miner. This is a reasonable concern. There have been some software programs which were set up to mine crypto without the user’s consent. This basically involves using computer resources to solve the algorithms which contribute to maintenance of the blockchain and the creation of new digital tokens like Bitcoin.

Testing Bluestacks for Security

If you have security concerns about Bluestacks you can engage in security testing. The best way is to scan the program with your antivirus software. Be advised that you may get a false positive. There are also third-party resources such as Virustotal.

Virustotal will allow you to conduct a free scan of installation files before you install the program on your device. This will help to put your mind at ease before you commit to BlueStacks software.

Is Bluestacks a virus? No. But always make sure that you are working with an installation file from the official website.

Using a Google Account with Bluestacks

There is no security concern that should accompany linking your Google Account with Bluestacks. Again this is normal to do, and it allows you to utilize all of the software’s features without issue.

Some users do prefer to create an alternate Google account for use with Bluestacks. At the end of the day this is a personal choice that will help you decide, is Bluestacks safe. If an alternate account makes you feel better about the situation, then by all means take that step.

Simple Bluestacks Installation for Windows and Mac Computers

Do you need a quick guide for installing Bluestacks and Windows on your device? Here are the simple steps for each:

Installing Bluestacks on Windows:

  • Download Bluestacks from the official website. Your bit version will determine which installer to choose.
  • Open the installer
  • Choose Install Now or Customize Installation (use the customized install if you want Bluestacks installed to a desired location).
  • Allow the installation to complete.
  • Bluestacks will launch automatically.
  • Log into your Google account and proceed with using the app.

Installing Bluestacks on Mac:

  • Download Bluestacks at the official website. Choose Mac as your operating system.
  • Once downloaded, proceed to open the installer.
  • Double-click the Bluestacks icon to start the process.
  • Confirm that you want to install and click open.
  • At the new window click Install Now.
  • You will need to provide your username and password. Select Install Helper.
  • You may encounter a “System Extension Blocked” popup. Click Open Security & Privacy and hit the Allow button.
  • Just log into your Google account after the installation is complete.

As you can see, the process is quite simple on both platforms.

Is Bluestacks Safe? We believe the answer to this question is yes. You can use the program with confidence that it is safe as long as you download from the official source and follow the proper installation procedure.

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