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Sweden has passed a new law based on the European IPRED directive, combatting internet piracy on a much grander scale. ISP’s will become a sort of global online police force. Copyright holders see this as a striking blow to the heart of electronic pirates everywhere, but what are the negative effects of such an imposing law? In this article we will dig a bit deeper into the new IPRED law, and what this means for Sweden.

Set into active status on April 1 2009, the new IPRED law has demonstrated an immediate decrease in internet traffic levels. This seems to suggest not only was copyrighted material sharing widespread, but the many who engaged in this file sharing are spooked by the new law. Although most internet users are against the law, the statistics reveal the need for it to exist regardless.


IPRED (Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive) is a European Commission directive in complete cooperation with Sweden. The government gives full and enthusiastic cooperation. The public, however, is less thrilled about the new change in law.

In simple terms, IPRED is giving copyright holders back their original power. In previous days, to take action against suspected file-sharers an organization had to use the proper channels, such as the police. Now they have the power to go directly to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) in question and forcibly obtain their individual user details.

Sweden = The Infamous Pirate Bay

Netnod is a Swedish organization which measures internet traffic coming in and out of the country. A recenty study conducted shows the instantaneous effect of the new law. Average traffic fell from 200 Gigabytes per second, to a mere 80 gigabytes. A stunning sixty percent drop, which can only be attributed to the new law now in effect.

The Pirate Bay, in case you didn’t know, is a torrent tracker based in the country of Sweden. The four people who ran this popular torrent went to court for case brought on by the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), as well as several copyright-holders. Found guilty for assisting copyright infringement, they have incurred prison time and huge fines, despite the fact they didn’t host or upload the copyrighted materials served at Pirate Bay.


On the other side of the coin, there are now Virtual Private Network services that help keep user details safe from prying eyes. This loophole makes the new law completely ineffective, but such a service costs a pretty penny. The majority of internet users in Sweden will not be willing to pay the cost of the VPN, as they are not willing to pay for the music. Logic dictates they will simply give up on the idea of stealing copyrighted materials and the problem as a whole will right itself automatically. We do not allow p2p traffic on our VPN network and hence if you are going to use P2P you will find other providers that will welcome you aboard. We can’t for leagal reasons and because we are establishing our online presense for the longterm not the short term. If you are concerned about you online privacy, security and want to be anonymous, then welcome to Vpn Accounts! Besides, using the our VPN services you can watch all the latest episodes on US & UK TV Networks!

ISP’s to perform duties of an Online Police Force

Herein lies the problem with regulations of this genre being passed into law. Inevitably, for every electronic crime force strategy, there are always methods being developed to counteract them. Thusly, there needs to be a foolproof method of electronic security created. One that cannot be countered by online criminals, because no method to counter it can possibly be developed.

Sure, having your ISP look over your shoulder is a proverbial smack in the face, but so are the majority of human beings you meet. Real life reality dictates this as a method of survival. If someone can get away with something, they will.

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