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Bypassing Internet Restrictions in Thailand

ThailandInternet freedom in Thailand is in the political crosshairs. Very few countries have undergone such a radical change in such a short period of time. Anyone who is planning to visit or embark upon an extended stay in Thailand should be aware that censorship of the Internet in the country has been steadily increasing since a September 2006 coup d’etat forced major changes in the government. Before the changes, approximately 34,000 websites (mostly pornographic ones) were blocked. Than number is now well over 100,000 and growing.

Without question, using a VPN in Thailand is now a must in order to avoid restrictions of popular websites and prevent the monitoring of browsing activities. Buy a vpn, bypass censorship and restrictions.

History of Thailand

The entire history of Thailand is long and varied, and widely available online. For the purposes of a discussion on Internet restriction it is more beneficial to focus on the recent history of Thailand, dating from around 1930 or so. Since this time, political unrest in Thailand has been a constant issue as insurgents contend with the establishment for the creation of a democratic state.

The last major uprising occurred in September of 2006. This led to the restoration of a civilian government in 2007, but the peace was brief. Protests began again in 2008 and continued until the elections in 2011. Thailand can best be described as an unstable political region.

Internet in Thailand

Internet access in Thailand is provided and controlled by a cooperative effort among three separate agencies. The Communications Authority of Thailand and the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology are the governmental arms of this three-pronged approach. They work to establish and regulate the 54 ISPs currently operating in Thailand, establish the parameters of restriction, and otherwise control Internet access from a bureaucratic standpoint.

The third agency which is involved with the Internet in Thailand is the Royal Thai Police. They are tasked with making sure Internet restrictions are not violated. The combination of governmental and civil forces to monitor and restrict Internet access in Thailand is a very effective approach.

Internet Filtering in Thailand

Pornographic websites have always been taboo in Thailand, but ever since the insurgency in 2006 the focus has shifted more toward blocking politically-themed websites and news outlets. Here is an example of some of the sites blocked in Thailand:

  • News websites including BBC One, BBC Two, CNN, and Yahoo! News. The restriction levied against these websites is mostly limited to specific pages and not the entire website. Articles which popularize the insurgency or criticize the government are routinely blocked.
  • Wikipedia articles. Many Wikipedia articles are blocked in Thailand.
  • Message boards and forums. These are considered to be potentially troublesome for the government, so they are often blocked.

As in so many countries, website restriction in Thailand really has no well-established sense of direction. It is accomplished at the whim of the government on a moment’s notice. A website can be free to browse today and restricted tomorrow. source

Unblocking Websites in Thailand

The unreliability of Internet censorship in Thailand is why a VPN is an absolute necessity for Web browsing. Things can change overnight, in some cases in a matter of hours. Website blocks can be implemented in a flash, leaving unprepared surfers without access to something they never expected to be blocked. What you need is private internet access PIA

Most people using a VPN in Thailand would prefer the server options in the US or UK simply because they are the most liberal. These countries employ very little censorship. Once a user establishes their Thailand Internet connection, they only need to then connect to the US or UK VPN for browsing freedom. Of course, many of our other VPN servers will also work very well in Thailand. Canada VPN, Netherlands VPN, and Germany VPN can all be very effective for the Thailand Web surfer.

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