How to Watch Anime Online?


Anime has truly been rising in popularity over the years. This popular form of Japanese animation can be found on platforms like Netflix and other streaming services. Unfortunately, some of the best anime content is still native to Japan. The good news is that if you have a VPN you can access anime programs in the US and many other locations.

Here’s a basic look at this genre of entertainment and how you can watch anime online the safe way. There are many quality platforms that you can choose from.

Sources for Quality Anime

Those who love anime will tell you that they are very particular about the type of content that they want to see. Some prefer forms of anime that are geared toward adults while others are interested in family friendly content. All of them can be devoted to their chosen fandom, with many message boards encouraging lively debate among anime fans.

When it comes to watching anime in the US and other areas outside of Japan, there are three main sources for content. These are Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. Other streaming platforms are beginning to offer more anime content with each passing day.

There are a few other platforms which we won’t mention by name. We know that the anime purist will know what these are. Care and caution should always be used when seeking out sources of anime on the Internet.

Why Watch Anime Anyway?

If you are a fan of animated content, anime is sure to be of interest to you. As many people have pointed out in the past, anime is more than just a cartoon. It is a true medium, a genre. There are things about anime that are unique to the art form.

We would say that anime appeals to the more sophisticated viewer. Most of those who watch anime are either adults or young adults. It is not really a medium for children. This can be due to the violent or sexual themes that can be present in some types of anime. In this respect it is good that watching anime on a streaming platform can be a little bit difficult.

Of course, there are exceptions. Dragon Ball Z and other anime programs for children remain popular year after year. In fact, some parents enjoy watching anime with their children. Younger parents may have even grown up with shows like Sailor Moon and now want to share the genre with their own children.

The Official Streaming Platforms for Anime

It is always a good idea to stick with popular streaming platforms for anime content. One of the best has traditionally been Netflix. There is an impressive library of anime content on Netflix, and more is being added each day. If Netflix content is blocked, use a VPN to unblock it.

Crunchyroll and Funimation deserve mention, but it should be noted that the library that they offer is really for the more hardcore anime fan.

So, how do you access these services and watch anime online? You purchase a subscription for them from the company and stream the content on your computer, phone, or tablet. Where you might run into an issue is when you are trying to access the libraries that are only available in certain countries.

Watching Anime Online With a VPN

Many people have made the choice to use a VPN for streaming anime. There are many advantages. The obvious one is that you will get access to more libraries because of how a VPN works.

When you connect to a VPN you are using the VPN server. This server may be located in one of many places. Perhaps you want to watch a US Netflix library but you are currently located in an area where Netflix is restricted. All you need to do is log into your VPN and select a US server. It will then appear that you are browsing from the US, and your access will be restored.

This type of use is becoming more important with some places like Australia taking up bans against anime. If you are in one of these areas, a VPN may soon be your last option.

The other benefits of using a VPN to stream and watch anime online is that you will be putting less of your personal data at risk. VPNs provide an extra measure of security that creates an encrypted tunnel which your data passes through. This makes it virtually impossible for your ISP or other prying eyes to see exactly what you are doing online.

Some Considerations for VPN and Anime

Remember when choosing a VPN provider for watching anime online, you need to have adequate speed.  There are some so-called free VPN providers than will not be able to support streaming media across all of their servers. At VPN Accounts we offer fast speeds and very little downtime with our network of servers.

You should also opt to use a paid VPN as opposed to a free one. Those free services are more apt to have weaker security, and some of them may even sell your data to the highest bidder.

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