How to Get Around Anime Ban in Australia

Anime BAN Australia

Fans of anime have been very worked up about the Australian anime ban that has recently taken effect. We caution readers that there is much misinformation online about the ban and the Commonwealth Criminal Code. Fans should also know that it may be possible to pass the Australian anime ban with a VPN.

About the Anime Ban in Australia

Before we talk about the way to bypass restrictions, let’s explore some of the specifics of the anime ban. As the law is set forth, there are five specific prohibitions when it comes to this type of animated entertainment. The banned forms are:

  • Onaholes
  • Hentai Manga
  • Doujinshi
  • Cast-of figurines
  • JAV DVDs

There is also broader restrictions to include anything that is marketed as adult material. This can include media as well as other depictions such as figures. The intent behind the law is to prohibit those underage from accessing anime which was clearly developed for adults.

There are many themes in anime which are considered to be adult in nature. Some of these involve exploitation. There was a concern in Australia that these anime programs could be accessed online by children that are underage. Hence, the ban in Australia on Anime.

Questions of Censorship and Banning Anime

When the ban on anime was first announced by the Australian government, some were very quick to accuse the government of moving toward censorship. Some of those who oppose the measure are concerned that banning anime will open the door to more strict regulation and control of the Internet at large.

There are also those who understand that some type of regulation is needed to prevent children from accessing adult material. A downside of content being available online is that there is no real way to make sure underage children in the home are not being allowed to view adult material. The only way to guarantee that anime is restricted to the proper hands is a ban.

We think that most reasonable people would agree children should not be allowed to view the objectionable anime content that involves exploitation.

At the same time we think that some well-meaning adults could fall through the cracks and be adversely affected by the ban. Those who legally allowed to watch anime should be allowed to do so without restrictions on their freedom.

Doubts About Anime Influence on Children

Another concern that is expressed by critics of the anime law as it has been established is a lack of empirical evidence that anime is harmful to children. Some of the debate in this area involves anime that might me graphic in terms of violence.

It is true that in many countries children have access to films and television programs that depict violence on some scale. One must also consider the video games that are popular among teens. Games like the Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto franchises carry warnings that they may not be suitable for younger audiences. Still, they find their way into the hands of young people.

There have been no conclusive studies that establish a link between violence in children and violent media. Perhaps this is because most parents do the reasonable thing and monitor the activity of their children.

This is precisely why some people oppose the Australian VPN ban. They think it forces the government into a responsibility that is fundamentally not theirs. They believe that parents should be ultimately responsible for determining whether or not their children can watch anime.

The Anime Ban in Australia Can Be Bypassed

No matter which side of the debate that you happen to be on, there is something you need to understand. The anime ban in Australia is a reality, regardless of how you feel. If you want to access some prohibited forms of anime, you will need a workaround. A VPN account can be the solution.

VPNs are very useful in helping individuals maintain their security and privacy online. They can also be very useful in helping individuals bypass restrictions. The manner in which this happens involves hiding your actual IP address.

When you log into a VPN and choose a VPN server, the IP address that you display is the one belonging to the server. In other words, you can be in Australia and appear to be accessing the Internet from the United States where there is no ban on anime.

This method of getting around blocks has been used successfully by many expats and travelers. It is also used by those reside in countries where there is a heavy amount of Internet censorship. Some people would not have access to their favorite social media websites or messaging apps if it were not for a VPN.

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