A hotspot VPN on Public Networks

public hotspot VPN How often do you use a public WiFi network to access the Internet? Did you know that there are multiple ways a public network can put you at risk? Thankfully, there are many ways a hotspot VPN can help you evade the security risks associated with a public hotspot network.

What is a public network?

A public network is any network which may be accessed with few, if any, security restrictions. You will most often find these unsecured public networks in places like hotels, coffee shops, or a library. They have become increasingly popular as many businesses look to offer Internet access to their customers.

The concept of a public network is great, but accessing these networks without a hotspot VPN is asking for trouble. Public networks are not a public VPN. In other words, most of them do not use any type of encryption to secure the data that is being transferred across their connections.

How is a public network vulnerable?

The most glaring omission of a public WiFi network is a lack of encryption, and this is one of the greatest benefits of using a hotspot VPN when using these networks. Encryption is a powerful tool which basically uses a complicated cypher to mask or hide your data. When someone tries to view that encrypted data all they can see is basically coded gibberish.

Because most public networks are not encrypted, hackers and data thieves love to cruise these networks looking for exposed private information. Let’s say you decide to check your bank balance or buy something with a credit card while staying in a hotel. If that hotel is using an unencrypted WiFi network which is share by all guests at the hotel (very likely), you have likely exposed your financial information to anyone on the network who knows how to sniff it out.

Sometimes, people who aren’t even supposed to be accessing a network can do so simply by getting in range of the network’s signal. This means that someone can drive into the coffee shop parking lot, fire up a laptop, and connect to the public network without leaving their car. Public places have no real way to determine who is using their network and who is not.

What is a public VPN?

Technically, a public VPN simply means using a VPN when browsing on a public network. Our VPN can be used whenever you are forced to use a public connection. You may also hear the term “hotspot VPN” and this simply means using your VPN with a public hotspot.

Even though you might be using an unencrypted public WiFi to access the Internet, once you configure your VPN account with the client that is already installed on your computer or device, your browsing then benefits from the encryption offered by your VPN.

Can I be tracked on a public network?

Any time that you use a public network without using a VPN to secure your data, you are leaving behind a trail of your browsing activities which can be monitored and even traced. Some countries in the Arab region have even begun to require public network providers like Internet Cafes to collect personal information before someone is allowed to use the network. With the information you leave behind on a public network, your Internet activity can possibly be traced by any interested party.

Why would someone want to track your online activities? There could be several reasons. Spouses who suspect their mate of cheating, data miners, and repressive governments are all potential creepers when it comes to your Internet access.

How do I use a public VPN?

Using your VPN to secure your browsing on a public network is a very simple matter which does not require you to download any software. All modern computers and Internet-ready devices have a VPN client pre-installed. Before you can use that client to secure your public network access, however, you need a VPN account like the one we offer.

Once you purchase your VPN service, we’ll provide simple instructions on setting it up to work with your VPN client. You will never again have to worry about who is looking at your information while you are using public networks. The great thing about a VPN is that it works wherever you happen to be, so it doesn’t matter if you are using public hotspots in your own country or using them when you are traveling or working overseas. In fact, you will soon discover if you are a traveler that many of your services don’t work outside of your home country. If you want to access them a VPN is your best bet

Remember, public WiFi is great and you should take advantage of it, but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice personal security in the process.

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