Getting Free Trials with a VPN

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There are many popular vpn services that offer users a free trial. From streaming media to playing games, you can sometimes get a whole month of service for free just for signing up. With the help of a VPN you may even be able to extend that free trial multiple times. Here’s a few tips for getting free trials with a VPN.

What Are Free Trials?

A free trial is a period of time during which you can sample the services of an app or product without having to pay. You will commonly find these types of trials attached to streaming media apps like Netflix or Hulu. A free trial can be beneficial to a company that wants to attract new customers.

Let’s say you visit the Netflix website to see what plans are available. You notice that Netflix will give you a 14-day free trial before you are charged for the monthly plan that you select. If you cancel before the free trial ends you will not incur the monthly subscription rate.

Most deals of this type will ask for you to input a credit card that can be charged at the end of the promotional period. Some will also require personal details such as an email address and name before your account can be created. There are a select few that require a minimum amount of info in exchange for a free trial. These are the services that are at the heart of getting free trials with a VPN.

How a VPN Can Work for Free Trials

If you only have to provide an email address in order to begin a free trial, the use of a VPN account may allow you to use the free trial more than once. This is because the service is using your IP address to track the free trial you are given. If you attempt to get another free trial by using the same IP address, you will likely be denied.

In this case, you can use a VPN to change your IP address. When you use a VPN you are connecting to a VPN server in a specific location. The IP address that is observed by the service or app you use will be that of the VPN server, not your own. This is how many people evade monitoring or content delivery that is managed by IP address.

We mentioned earlier that some apps and services will want you to input a credit card or personal information before you are allowed to get a free trial. This is standard for larger streaming services like Sling or YouTube Premium. Using a VPN for extra free trials with those services will probably not be effective.

Is it Legal to Get Multiple Free Trials with a VPN?

This question ventures into an area that we do not claim any expertise. You are always advised to use the Internet and a VPN responsibly and with knowledge. We can tell you that most major streaming platforms are only willing to provide a single free trial per person.

A good way to determine the policies of the service is to check the terms and conditions which are posted on the official website. These will generally spell out the specifics of a free trial offer such as who qualifies, how the offer can be received, and more.

Other Advantages of Using a VPN to Stream Media or Make Calls

Getting free trials with a VPN is only one possible use of your VPN package. You can also use it to access material that is restricted by country. VPNs are also useful in improving your overall security and giving you protection when you are using unsecured wireless networks.

A VPN is often used by expats and those who frequently travel abroad. By using the network of VPN servers that are offered by your provider you can usually find a server location which will allow you to bypass any local blocks. This can also be a useful way to access services you use at home which may be banned in the country you visit.

A frequent target of governments is VoIP. Services like Skype or WhatsApp and other messenger apps can be blocked because the government finds them difficult to monitor. Some countries like China are very dedicated to controlling which information can get out of the country.

The standard encryption of a VPN also gives you added peace of mind when it comes to security. The encrypted tunnel created by a VPN is able to prevent your ISP and others from seeing personal information or tracking your online activity. You can even get a measure of anonymity when you use a VPN.

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