Flickr & Accessing Flickr When Blocked

unblock FlickrFlickr is a world famous image and video hosting Website. In terms of global utilization, Flickr’s beginning was modest at best, centered around Ludicorp’s massively multiplayer video game offering, Neverending. Flickr was later acquired by Yahoo!, who now plays a large part in their continued development and promotion. With Yahoo! as Flickr’s primary financial backing, the future of the site looks more than promising. A modern day superpower like Yahoo! not only increases the sites popularity, it allows for more complex feature expansions as well.

If you use Yahoo! Messenger you are already a Flickr member. Yahoo! owns Flickr and allowed for the integration between the two sites. Similar to the Google/Orkut feature, all you have to do in order to log in to Flickr as a member is enter your Yahoo! Messenger ID.

Flickr uses their own method of classifying images, called “tags”. This allows searchers to find images based on specific keywords. A normal search for the keywords “Monarch Butterfly” produces 41,892 separate pictures of them. A more broad search term, “motorcycle”, yielded 966,468 results. People on a hunt for images on specific subject matter will find this site especially useful. Flickr also has a impressive library of videos with completely different content than you will see at YouTube. YouTube fans should bookmark this site as a secondary library for user uploaded video material.

Another unique feature separating Flickr from the other more rudimentary file hosts is member base interactivity. You can contact the members of the site in regard to the pictures, groups, site features, or just to say hi. There are groups you can join that coincide with many interests. Joining groups get you in touch with people who share your same passions. Think of the friendships you could make joining a motorcycle club dedicated to your motorcycle. The possibilities are limited only by your current circumstances.

Flickr is another site providing access control to it’s users free of charge. You can set your images to public, private, or password protected. The password feature allows guest access to photo’s via a user defined passkey. For example, if someone wanted to give a close friend access to their confidential images, he or she would email the password to the desired recipient. The password provided would allow access to these images without the need for a recipient sign up.

Flickr can not be accessed in certain countries, and sometimes network configuration errors can block access to the site as well. Using a VPN connection, everything you do will be anonymous and encrypted via our servers located around the world. You would be able to access bocked websites and if YouTube is blocked you can unblock Flickr.

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